Bible: Zeph 1:2-6

The Lord’s Day of Judgment is Approaching

1:2I will destroy 1  everything from the face of the earth,” says the Lord.

1:3I will destroy people and animals;

I will destroy the birds in the sky

and the fish in the sea.

(The idolatrous images of these creatures will be destroyed along with evil people.) 2 

I will remove 3  humanity from the face of the earth,” says the Lord.

1:4I will attack 4  Judah

and all who live in Jerusalem. 5 

I will remove 6  from this place every trace of Baal worship, 7 

as well as the very memory 8  of the pagan priests. 9 

1:5 I will remove 10  those who worship the stars in the sky from their rooftops, 11 

those who swear allegiance to the Lord 12  while taking oaths in the name of 13  their ‘king,’ 14 

1:6 and those who turn their backs on 15  the Lord

and do not want the Lord’s help or guidance.” 16 

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