Bible: Zechariah 5:5-11

Vision Seven: The Ephah

5:5 After this the angelic messenger 1  who had been speaking to me went out and said, “Look, see what is leaving.” 5:6 I asked, “What is it?” And he replied, “It is a basket for measuring grain 2  that is moving away from here.” Moreover, he said, “This is their ‘eye 3  throughout all the earth.” 5:7 Then a round lead cover was raised up, revealing a woman sitting inside the basket. 5:8 He then said, “This woman represents wickedness,” and he pushed her down into the basket and placed the lead cover on top. 5:9 Then I looked again and saw two women 4  going forth with the wind in their wings (they had wings like those of a stork) and they lifted up the basket between the earth and the sky. 5:10 I asked the messenger who was speaking to me, “Where are they taking the basket? 5:11 He replied, “To build a temple 5  for her in the land of Babylonia. 6  When it is finished, she will be placed there in her own residence.”

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