Bible: Zech 2

Vision Three: The Surveyor

2:1 I looked again, and there was a man with a measuring line in his hand. 2:2 I asked, “Where are you going?” He replied, “To measure Jerusalem 1  in order to determine its width and its length.” 2:3 At this point the angelic messenger 2  who spoke to me went out, and another messenger came to meet him 2:4 and said to him, “Hurry, speak to this young man 3  as follows: ‘Jerusalem will no longer be enclosed by walls 4  because of the multitude of people and animals there. 2:5 But I (the Lord says) will be a wall of fire surrounding Jerusalem 5  and the source of glory in her midst.’

2:6You there! 6  Flee from the northland!” says the Lord, “for like the four winds of heaven 7  I have scattered you,” says the Lord. 2:7 Escape, Zion, you who live among the Babylonians! 8  2:8 For the Lord who rules over all says to me that for his own glory 9  he has sent me to the nations that plundered you – for anyone who touches you touches the pupil 10  of his 11  eye. 2:9 I am about to punish them 12  in such a way,” he says, “that they will be looted by their own slaves.” Then you will know that the Lord who rules over all has sent me.

2:10Sing out and be happy, Zion my daughter! 13  For look, I have come; I will settle in your midst,” says the Lord. 2:11 Many nations will join themselves to the Lord on the day of salvation, 14  and they will also be my 15  people. Indeed, I will settle in the midst of you all.” Then you will know that the Lord who rules over all has sent me to you. 2:12 The Lord will take possession of 16  Judah as his portion in the holy land and he will choose Jerusalem once again. 2:13 Be silent in the Lord’s presence, all people everywhere, 17  for he is being moved to action in his holy dwelling place. 18 

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