Bible: Song of Solomon 5:10-16

5:10 The Beloved to the Maidens:

My beloved 1  is dazzling 2  and ruddy; 3 

he stands out 4  in comparison to 5  all other men. 6 

5:11 His head is like the most pure gold. 7 

His hair is curly 8 black like a raven.

5:12 His eyes are like doves by streams of water,

washed in milk, mounted like jewels.

5:13 His cheeks are like garden beds full of balsam trees 9  yielding 10  perfume.

His lips are like lilies dripping with drops of myrrh.

5:14 His arms are like rods of gold set with chrysolite.

His abdomen 11  is like polished ivory inlaid with sapphires.

5:15 His legs are like pillars of marble set on bases of pure gold.

His appearance is like Lebanon, choice as its cedars.

5:16 His mouth is very sweet; 12 

he is totally desirable. 13 

This is my beloved!

This is my companion, O maidens of Jerusalem!

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