Bible: Ruth 4:1-10

Boaz Settles the Matter

4:1 Now Boaz went up 1  to the village gate and sat there. Then along came the guardian 2  whom Boaz had mentioned to Ruth! 3  Boaz said, “Come 4  here and sit down, ‘John Doe’!” 5  So he came 6  and sat down. 4:2 Boaz chose ten of the village leaders 7  and said, “Sit down here!” So they sat down. 4:3 Then Boaz said to the guardian, 8 Naomi, who has returned from the region of Moab, is selling 9  the portion of land that belongs to our relative Elimelech. 4:4 So I am legally informing you: 10  Acquire it before those sitting here and before the leaders of my people! 11  If you want to exercise your right to redeem it, then do so. 12  But if not, then tell me 13  so I will know. 14  For you possess the first option to redeem it; I am next in line after you.” 15  He replied, “I will redeem it.” 4:5 Then Boaz said, “When 16  you acquire the field 17  from Naomi, 18  you must also 19  acquire Ruth the Moabite, 20  the wife of our deceased relative, 21  in order to preserve his family name by raising up a descendant who will inherit his property.” 22  4:6 The guardian said, “Then I am unable to redeem it, for I would ruin my own inheritance 23  in that case. You may exercise my redemption option, for I am unable to redeem it.” 24  4:7 (Now this used to be the customary way to finalize a transaction involving redemption in Israel: 25  A man would remove his sandal and give it to the other party. 26  This was a legally binding act 27  in Israel.) 4:8 So the guardian said to Boaz, “You may acquire it,” and he removed his sandal. 28  4:9 Then Boaz said to the leaders and all the people, “You are witnesses today that I have acquired from Naomi all that belonged to Elimelech, Kilion, and Mahlon. 4:10 I have also acquired Ruth the Moabite, the wife of Mahlon, as my wife to raise up a descendant who will inherit his property 29  so the name of the deceased might not disappear 30  from among his relatives and from his village. 31  You are witnesses today.”

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