Bible: Ruth 1:8-15

1:8 Naomi said to her two daughters-in-law, “Listen to me! Each of you should return to your mother’s home! 1  May the Lord show 2  you 3  the same kind of devotion that you have shown to your deceased husbands 4  and to me! 5  1:9 May the Lord enable each of you to find 6  security 7  in the home of a new husband!” 8  Then she kissed them goodbye and they wept loudly. 9  1:10 But they said to her, “No! 10  We will 11  return with you to your people.”

1:11 But Naomi replied, “Go back home, my daughters! There is no reason for you to return to Judah with me! 12  I am no longer capable of giving birth to sons who might become your husbands! 13  1:12 Go back home, my daughters! For I am too old to get married again. 14  Even if I thought that there was hope that I could get married tonight and conceive sons, 15  1:13 surely you would not want to wait until they were old enough to marry! 16  Surely you would not remain unmarried all that time! 17  No, 18  my daughters, you must not return with me. 19  For my intense suffering 20  is too much for you to bear. 21  For the Lord is afflicting me! 22 

1:14 Again they wept loudly. 23  Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye, 24  but Ruth 25  clung tightly to her. 26  1:15 So Naomi 27  said, “Look, your sister-in-law is returning to her people and to her god. 28  Follow your sister-in-law back home!

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