Bible: Ruth 1:12-17

1:12 Go back home, my daughters! For I am too old to get married again. 1  Even if I thought that there was hope that I could get married tonight and conceive sons, 2  1:13 surely you would not want to wait until they were old enough to marry! 3  Surely you would not remain unmarried all that time! 4  No, 5  my daughters, you must not return with me. 6  For my intense suffering 7  is too much for you to bear. 8  For the Lord is afflicting me! 9 

1:14 Again they wept loudly. 10  Then Orpah kissed her mother-in-law goodbye, 11  but Ruth 12  clung tightly to her. 13  1:15 So Naomi 14  said, “Look, your sister-in-law is returning to her people and to her god. 15  Follow your sister-in-law back home! 1:16 But Ruth replied,

Stop urging me to abandon you! 16 

For wherever you go, I will go.

Wherever you live, I will live.

Your people will become my people,

and your God will become my God.

1:17 Wherever you die, I will die – and there I will be buried.

May the Lord punish me severely if I do not keep my promise! 17 

Only death will be able to separate me from you! 18 

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