Bible: Psalms 3

Psalm 3 1 

3:1 A psalm of David, written when he fled from his son Absalom. 2 

Lord, how 3  numerous are my enemies!

Many attack me. 4 

3:2 Many say about me,

God will not deliver him.” 5  (Selah) 6 

3:3 But you, Lord, are a shield that protects me; 7 

you are my glory 8  and the one who restores me. 9 

3:4 To the Lord I cried out, 10 

and he answered me from his holy hill. 11  (Selah)

3:5 I rested and slept;

I awoke, 12  for the Lord protects 13  me.

3:6 I am not afraid 14  of the multitude of people 15 

who attack me from all directions. 16 

3:7 Rise up, 17  Lord!

Deliver me, my God!

Yes, 18  you will strike 19  all my enemies on the jaw;

you will break the teeth 20  of the wicked. 21 

3:8 The Lord delivers; 22 

you show favor to your people. 23  (Selah)

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