Bible: Psalms 18:1-19

Psalm 18 1 

18:1 For the music director; by the Lord’s servant David, who sang 2  to the Lord the words of this song when 3  the Lord rescued him from the power 4  of all his enemies, including Saul. 5 

He said: 6 

“I love 7  you, Lord, my source of strength! 8 

18:2 The Lord is my high ridge, 9  my stronghold, 10  my deliverer.

My God is my rocky summit where 11  I take shelter, 12 

my shield, the horn that saves me, 13  and my refuge. 14 

18:3 I called 15  to the Lord, who is worthy of praise, 16 

and I was delivered from my enemies.

18:4 The waves 17  of death engulfed me,

the currents 18  of chaos 19  overwhelmed me. 20 

18:5 The ropes of Sheol tightened around me, 21 

the snares of death trapped me. 22 

18:6 In my distress I called to the Lord;

I cried out to my God. 23 

From his heavenly temple 24  he heard my voice;

he listened to my cry for help. 25 

18:7 The earth heaved and shook; 26 

the roots of the mountains 27  trembled; 28 

they heaved because he was angry.

18:8 Smoke ascended from 29  his nose; 30 

fire devoured as it came from his mouth; 31 

he hurled down fiery coals. 32 

18:9 He made the sky sink 33  as he descended;

a thick cloud was under his feet.

18:10 He mounted 34  a winged angel 35  and flew;

he glided 36  on the wings of the wind. 37 

18:11 He shrouded himself in darkness, 38 

in thick rain clouds. 39 

18:12 From the brightness in front of him came

hail and fiery coals. 40 

18:13 The Lord thundered 41  in 42  the sky;

the sovereign One 43  shouted. 44 

18:14 He shot his 45  arrows and scattered them, 46 

many lightning bolts 47  and routed them. 48 

18:15 The depths 49  of the sea 50  were exposed;

the inner regions 51  of the world were uncovered

by 52  your battle cry, 53  Lord,

by the powerful breath from your nose. 54 

18:16 He reached down 55  from above and took hold of me;

he pulled me from the surging water. 56 

18:17 He rescued me from my strong enemy, 57 

from those who hate me,

for they were too strong for me.

18:18 They confronted 58  me in my day of calamity,

but the Lord helped me. 59 

18:19 He brought me out into a wide open place;

he delivered me because he was pleased with me. 60 

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