Bible: Psalm 79:6-13

79:6 Pour out your anger on the nations that do not acknowledge you, 1 

on the kingdoms that do not pray to you! 2 

79:7 For they have devoured Jacob

and destroyed his home.

79:8 Do not hold us accountable for the sins of earlier generations! 3 

Quickly send your compassion our way, 4 

for we are in serious trouble! 5 

79:9 Help us, O God, our deliverer!

For the sake of your glorious reputation, 6  rescue us!

Forgive our sins for the sake of your reputation! 7 

79:10 Why should the nations say, “Where is their God?”

Before our very eyes may the shed blood of your servants

be avenged among the nations! 8 

79:11 Listen to the painful cries of the prisoners! 9 

Use your great strength to set free those condemned to die! 10 

79:12 Pay back our neighbors in full! 11 

May they be insulted the same way they insulted you, O Lord! 12 

79:13 Then we, your people, the sheep of your pasture,

will continually thank you. 13 

We will tell coming generations of your praiseworthy acts. 14 

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