Bible: Psalm 44:8-26

44:8 In God I boast all day long,

and we will continually give thanks to your name. (Selah)

44:9 But 1  you rejected and embarrassed us!

You did not go into battle with our armies. 2 

44:10 You made us retreat 3  from the enemy.

Those who hate us take whatever they want from us. 4 

44:11 You handed us 5  over like sheep to be eaten;

you scattered us among the nations.

44:12 You sold 6  your people for a pittance; 7 

you did not ask a high price for them. 8 

44:13 You made us 9  an object of disdain to our neighbors;

those who live on our borders taunt and insult us. 10 

44:14 You made us 11  an object of ridicule 12  among the nations;

foreigners treat us with contempt. 13 

44:15 All day long I feel humiliated 14 

and am overwhelmed with shame, 15 

44:16 before the vindictive enemy

who ridicules and insults me. 16 

44:17 All this has happened to us, even though we have not rejected you 17 

or violated your covenant with us. 18 

44:18 We have not been unfaithful, 19 

nor have we disobeyed your commands. 20 

44:19 Yet you have battered us, leaving us a heap of ruins overrun by wild dogs; 21 

you have covered us with darkness. 22 

44:20 If we had rejected our God, 23 

and spread out our hands in prayer to another god, 24 

44:21 would not God discover it,

for he knows 25  one’s thoughts? 26 

44:22 Yet because of you 27  we are killed all day long;

we are treated like 28  sheep at the slaughtering block. 29 

44:23 Rouse yourself! Why do you sleep, O Lord?

Wake up! 30  Do not reject us forever!

44:24 Why do you look the other way, 31 

and ignore 32  the way we are oppressed and mistreated? 33 

44:25 For we lie in the dirt,

with our bellies pressed to the ground. 34 

44:26 Rise up and help us!

Rescue us 35  because of your loyal love!

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