Bible: Psalm 21:7-13

21:7 For the king trusts 1  in the Lord,

and because of the sovereign Lord’s 2  faithfulness he is not upended. 3 

21:8 You 4  prevail over 5  all your enemies;

your power is too great for those who hate you. 6 

21:9 You burn them up like a fiery furnace 7  when you appear; 8 

the Lord angrily devours them; 9 

the fire consumes them.

21:10 You destroy their offspring 10  from the earth,

their descendants 11  from among the human race. 12 

21:11 Yes, 13  they intend to do you harm; 14 

they dream up a scheme, 15  but they do not succeed. 16 

21:12 For you make them retreat 17 

when you shoot your arrows at them. 18 

21:13 Rise up, O Lord, in strength! 19 

We will sing and praise 20  your power!

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