Bible: Psalm 14

Psalm 14 1 

14:1 For the music director; by David.

Fools say to themselves, 2 There is no God.” 3 

They sin and commit evil deeds; 4 

none of them does what is right. 5 

14:2 The Lord looks down from heaven 6  at the human race, 7 

to see if there is anyone who is wise 8  and seeks God. 9 

14:3 Everyone rejects God; 10 

they are all morally corrupt. 11 

None of them does what is right, 12 

not even one!

14:4 All those who behave wickedly 13  do not understand 14 

those who devour my people as if they were eating bread,

and do not call out to the Lord.

14:5 They are absolutely terrified, 15 

for God defends the godly. 16 

14:6 You want to humiliate the oppressed, 17 

even though 18  the Lord is their 19  shelter.

14:7 I wish the deliverance 20  of Israel would come from Zion!

When the Lord restores the well-being of his people, 21 

may Jacob rejoice, 22 

may Israel be happy! 23 

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