Bible: Psalm 103:13-19

103:13 As a father has compassion on his children, 1 

so the Lord has compassion on his faithful followers. 2 

103:14 For he knows what we are made of; 3 

he realizes 4  we are made of clay. 5 

103:15 A person’s life is like grass. 6 

Like a flower in the field it flourishes,

103:16 but when the hot wind 7  blows by, it disappears,

and one can no longer even spot the place where it once grew.

103:17 But the Lord continually shows loyal love to his faithful followers, 8 

and is faithful to their descendants, 9 

103:18 to those who keep his covenant,

who are careful to obey his commands. 10 

103:19 The Lord has established his throne in heaven;

his kingdom extends over everything. 11 

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