Bible: Psa 89:1-8

Psalm 89 1 

89:1 A well-written song 2  by Ethan the Ezrachite.

I will sing continually 3  about the Lord’s faithful deeds;

to future generations I will proclaim your faithfulness. 4 

89:2 For I say, “Loyal love is permanently established; 5 

in the skies you set up your faithfulness.” 6 

89:3 The Lord said, 7 

“I have made a covenant with my chosen one;

I have made a promise on oath to David, my servant:

89:4I will give you an eternal dynasty 8 

and establish your throne throughout future generations.’” 9  (Selah)

89:5 O Lord, the heavens 10  praise your amazing deeds,

as well as your faithfulness in the angelic assembly. 11 

89:6 For who in the skies can compare to the Lord?

Who is like the Lord among the heavenly beings, 12 

89:7 a God who is honored 13  in the great angelic assembly, 14 

and more awesome than 15  all who surround him?

89:8 O Lord, sovereign God! 16 

Who is strong like you, O Lord?

Your faithfulness surrounds you.

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