Bible: Ps 86:1-7

Psalm 86 1 

86:1 A prayer of David.

Listen 2  O Lord! Answer me!

For I am oppressed and needy.

86:2 Protect me, 3  for I am loyal!

O my God, deliver your servant, who trusts in you!

86:3 Have mercy on me, 4  O Lord,

for I cry out to you all day long!

86:4 Make your servant 5  glad,

for to you, O Lord, I pray! 6 

86:5 Certainly 7  O Lord, you are kind 8  and forgiving,

and show great faithfulness to all who cry out to you.

86:6 O Lord, hear my prayer!

Pay attention to my plea for mercy!

86:7 In my time of trouble I cry out to you,

for you will answer me.

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