Bible: Ps 56

Psalm 56 1 

56:1 For the music director; according to the yonath-elem-rechovim style; 2  a prayer 3  of David, written when the Philistines captured him in Gath. 4 

Have mercy on me, O God, for men are attacking me! 5 

All day long hostile enemies 6  are tormenting me. 7 

56:2 Those who anticipate my defeat 8  attack me all day long.

Indeed, 9  many are fighting against me, O Exalted One. 10 

56:3 When 11  I am afraid,

I trust in you.

56:4 In God – I boast in his promise 12 

in God I trust, I am not afraid.

What can mere men 13  do to me? 14 

56:5 All day long they cause me trouble; 15 

they make a habit of plotting my demise. 16 

56:6 They stalk 17  and lurk; 18 

they watch my every step, 19 

as 20  they prepare to take my life. 21 

56:7 Because they are bent on violence, do not let them escape! 22 

In your anger 23  bring down the nations, 24  O God!

56:8 You keep track of my misery. 25 

Put my tears in your leather container! 26 

Are they not recorded in your scroll? 27 

56:9 My enemies will turn back when I cry out to you for help; 28 

I know that God is on my side. 29 

56:10 In God – I boast in his promise 30 

in the Lord I boast in his promise 31 

56:11 in God I trust, I am not afraid.

What can mere men 32  do to me? 33 

56:12 I am obligated to fulfill the vows I made to you, O God; 34 

I will give you the thank-offerings you deserve, 35 

56:13 when you deliver 36  my life from death.

You keep my feet from stumbling, 37 

so that I might serve 38  God as I enjoy life. 39 

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