Bible: Ps 5

Psalm 5 1 

5:1 For the music director, to be accompanied by wind instruments; 2  a psalm of David.

Listen to what I say, 3  Lord!

Carefully consider my complaint! 4 

5:2 Pay attention to my cry for help,

my king and my God,

for I am praying to you!

5:3 Lord, in the morning 5  you will hear 6  me; 7 

in the morning I will present my case to you 8  and then wait expectantly for an answer. 9 

5:4 Certainly 10  you are not a God who approves of evil; 11 

evil people 12  cannot dwell with you. 13 

5:5 Arrogant people cannot stand in your presence; 14 

you hate 15  all who behave wickedly. 16 

5:6 You destroy 17  liars; 18 

the Lord despises 19  violent and deceitful people. 20 

5:7 But as for me, 21  because of your great faithfulness I will enter your house; 22 

I will bow down toward your holy temple as I worship you. 23 

5:8 Lord, lead me in your righteousness 24 

because of those who wait to ambush me, 25 

remove the obstacles in the way in which you are guiding me! 26 

5:9 For 27  they do not speak the truth; 28 

their stomachs are like the place of destruction, 29 

their throats like an open grave, 30 

their tongues like a steep slope leading into it. 31 

5:10 Condemn them, 32  O God!

May their own schemes be their downfall! 33 

Drive them away 34  because of their many acts of insurrection, 35 

for they have rebelled against you.

5:11 But may all who take shelter 36  in you be happy! 37 

May they continually 38  shout for joy! 39 

Shelter them 40  so that those who are loyal to you 41  may rejoice! 42 

5:12 Certainly 43  you reward 44  the godly, 45  Lord.

Like a shield you protect 46  them 47  in your good favor. 48 

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