Bible: Ps 19:7-11

19:7 The law of the Lord is perfect

and preserves one’s life. 1 

The rules set down by the Lord 2  are reliable 3 

and impart wisdom to the inexperienced. 4 

19:8 The Lord’s precepts are fair 5 

and make one joyful. 6 

The Lord’s commands 7  are pure 8 

and give insight for life. 9 

19:9 The commands to fear the Lord are right 10 

and endure forever. 11 

The judgments given by the Lord are trustworthy

and absolutely just. 12 

19:10 They are of greater value 13  than gold,

than even a great amount of pure gold;

they bring greater delight 14  than honey,

than even the sweetest honey from a honeycomb.

19:11 Yes, your servant finds moral guidance there; 15 

those who obey them receive a rich reward. 16 

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