Bible: Ps 17:1-6

Psalm 17 1 

17:1 A prayer of David.

Lord, consider my just cause! 2 

Pay attention to my cry for help!

Listen to the prayer

I sincerely offer! 3 

17:2 Make a just decision on my behalf! 4 

Decide what is right! 5 

17:3 You have scrutinized my inner motives; 6 

you have examined me during the night. 7 

You have carefully evaluated me, but you find no sin.

I am determined I will say nothing sinful. 8 

17:4 As for the actions of people 9 

just as you have commanded,

I have not followed in the footsteps of violent men. 10 

17:5 I carefully obey your commands; 11 

I do not deviate from them. 12 

17:6 I call to you for you will answer me, O God.

Listen to me! 13 

Hear what I say! 14 

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