Bible: Ps 119

Psalm 119 1 

119:1 א (Alef)

How blessed are those whose actions are blameless, 2 

who obey 3  the law of the Lord.

119:2 How blessed are those who observe his rules,

and seek him with all their heart,

119:3 who, moreover, do no wrong,

but follow in his footsteps. 4 

119:4 You demand that your precepts

be carefully kept. 5 

119:5 If only I were predisposed 6 

to keep your statutes!

119:6 Then I would not be ashamed,

if 7  I were focused on 8  all your commands.

119:7 I will give you sincere thanks, 9 

when I learn your just regulations.

119:8 I will keep your statutes.

Do not completely abandon me! 10 

119:9 ב (Bet)

How can a young person 11  maintain a pure life? 12 

By guarding it according to your instructions! 13 

119:10 With all my heart I seek you.

Do not allow me to stray from your commands!

119:11 In my heart I store up 14  your words, 15 

so I might not sin against you.

119:12 You deserve praise, 16  O Lord!

Teach me your statutes!

119:13 With my lips I proclaim

all the regulations you have revealed. 17 

119:14 I rejoice in the lifestyle prescribed by your rules 18 

as if 19  they were riches of all kinds. 20 

119:15 I will meditate on 21  your precepts

and focus 22  on your behavior. 23 

119:16 I find delight 24  in your statutes;

I do not forget your instructions. 25 

119:17 ג (Gimel)

Be kind to your servant!

Then I will live 26  and keep 27  your instructions. 28 

119:18 Open 29  my eyes so I can truly see 30 

the marvelous things in your law!

119:19 I am like a foreigner in this land. 31 

Do not hide your commands from me!

119:20 I desperately long to know 32 

your regulations at all times.

119:21 You reprimand arrogant people.

Those who stray from your commands are doomed. 33 

119:22 Spare me 34  shame and humiliation,

for I observe your rules.

119:23 Though rulers plot and slander me, 35 

your servant meditates on your statutes.

119:24 Yes, I find delight in your rules;

they give me guidance. 36 

119:25 ד (Dalet)

I collapse in the dirt. 37 

Revive me with your word! 38 

119:26 I told you about my ways 39  and you answered me.

Teach me your statutes!

119:27 Help me to understand what your precepts mean! 40 

Then I can meditate 41  on your marvelous teachings. 42 

119:28 I collapse 43  from grief.

Sustain me by your word! 44 

119:29 Remove me from the path of deceit! 45 

Graciously give me 46  your law!

119:30 I choose the path of faithfulness;

I am committed to 47  your regulations.

119:31 I hold fast 48  to your rules.

O Lord, do not let me be ashamed!

119:32 I run along the path of your commands,

for you enable me to do so. 49 

119:33 ה (He)

Teach me, O Lord, the lifestyle prescribed by your statutes, 50 

so that I might observe it continually. 51 

119:34 Give me understanding so that I might observe your law,

and keep it with all my heart. 52 

119:35 Guide me 53  in the path of your commands,

for I delight to walk in it. 54 

119:36 Give me a desire for your rules, 55 

rather than for wealth gained unjustly. 56 

119:37 Turn my eyes away from what is worthless! 57 

Revive me with your word! 58 

119:38 Confirm to your servant your promise, 59 

which you made to the one who honors you. 60 

119:39 Take away the insults that I dread! 61 

Indeed, 62  your regulations are good.

119:40 Look, I long for your precepts.

Revive me with your deliverance! 63 

119:41 ו (Vav)

May I experience your loyal love, 64  O Lord,

and your deliverance, 65  as you promised. 66 

119:42 Then I will have a reply for the one who insults me, 67 

for I trust in your word.

119:43 Do not completely deprive me of a truthful testimony, 68 

for I await your justice.

119:44 Then I will keep 69  your law continually

now and for all time. 70 

119:45 I will be secure, 71 

for I seek your precepts.

119:46 I will speak 72  about your regulations before kings

and not be ashamed.

119:47 I will find delight in your commands,

which I love.

119:48 I will lift my hands to 73  your commands,

which I love,

and I will meditate on your statutes.

119:49 ז (Zayin)

Remember your word to your servant,

for you have given me hope.

119:50 This 74  is what comforts me in my trouble,

for your promise revives me. 75 

119:51 Arrogant people do nothing but scoff at me. 76 

Yet I do not turn aside from your law.

119:52 I remember your ancient regulations, 77 

O Lord, and console myself. 78 

119:53 Rage takes hold of me because of the wicked,

those who reject your law.

119:54 Your statutes have been my songs 79 

in the house where I live. 80 

119:55 I remember your name during the night, O Lord,

and I will keep 81  your law.

119:56 This 82  has been my practice,

for I observe your precepts.

119:57 ח (Khet)

The Lord is my source of security. 83 

I have determined 84  to follow your instructions. 85 

119:58 I seek your favor 86  with all my heart.

Have mercy on me as you promised! 87 

119:59 I consider my actions 88 

and follow 89  your rules.

119:60 I keep your commands

eagerly and without delay. 90 

119:61 The ropes of the wicked tighten around 91  me,

but I do not forget your law.

119:62 In the middle of the night I arise 92  to thank you

for your just regulations.

119:63 I am a friend to all your loyal followers, 93 

and to those who keep your precepts.

119:64 O Lord, your loyal love fills the earth.

Teach me your statutes!

119:65 ט (Tet)

You are good 94  to your servant,

O Lord, just as you promised. 95 

119:66 Teach me proper discernment 96  and understanding!

For I consider your commands to be reliable. 97 

119:67 Before I was afflicted I used to stray off, 98 

but now I keep your instructions. 99 

119:68 You are good and you do good.

Teach me your statutes!

119:69 Arrogant people smear my reputation with lies, 100 

but I observe your precepts with all my heart.

119:70 Their hearts are calloused, 101 

but I find delight in your law.

119:71 It was good for me to suffer,

so that I might learn your statutes.

119:72 The law you have revealed is more important to me

than thousands of pieces of gold and silver. 102 

119:73 י (Yod)

Your hands made me and formed me. 103 

Give me understanding so that I might learn 104  your commands.

119:74 Your loyal followers will be glad when they see me, 105 

for I find hope in your word.

119:75 I know, Lord, that your regulations 106  are just.

You disciplined me because of your faithful devotion to me. 107 

119:76 May your loyal love console me,

as you promised your servant. 108 

119:77 May I experience your compassion, 109  so I might live!

For I find delight in your law.

119:78 May the arrogant be humiliated, for they have slandered me! 110 

But I meditate on your precepts.

119:79 May your loyal followers 111  turn to me,

those who know your rules.

119:80 May I be fully committed to your statutes, 112 

so that I might not be ashamed.

119:81 כ (Kaf)

I desperately long for 113  your deliverance.

I find hope in your word.

119:82 My eyes grow tired as I wait for your promise to be fulfilled. 114 

I say, 115 When will you comfort me?

119:83 For 116  I am like a wineskin 117  dried up in smoke. 118 

I do not forget your statutes.

119:84 How long must your servant endure this? 119 

When will you judge those who pursue me?

119:85 The arrogant dig pits to trap me, 120 

which violates your law. 121 

119:86 All your commands are reliable.

I am pursued without reason. 122  Help me!

119:87 They have almost destroyed me here on the earth,

but I do not reject your precepts.

119:88 Revive me with 123  your loyal love,

that I might keep 124  the rules you have revealed. 125 

119:89 ל (Lamed)

O Lord, your instructions endure;

they stand secure in heaven. 126 

119:90 You demonstrate your faithfulness to all generations. 127 

You established the earth and it stood firm.

119:91 Today they stand firm by your decrees,

for all things are your servants.

119:92 If I had not found encouragement in your law, 128 

I would have died in my sorrow. 129 

119:93 I will never forget your precepts,

for by them you have revived me.

119:94 I belong to you. Deliver me!

For I seek your precepts.

119:95 The wicked prepare to kill me, 130 

yet I concentrate on your rules.

119:96 I realize that everything has its limits,

but your commands are beyond full comprehension. 131 

119:97 מ (Mem)

O how I love your law!

All day long I meditate on it.

119:98 Your commandments 132  make me wiser than my enemies,

for I am always aware of them.

119:99 I have more insight than all my teachers,

for I meditate on your rules.

119:100 I am more discerning than those older than I,

for I observe your precepts.

119:101 I stay away 133  from the evil path,

so that I might keep your instructions. 134 

119:102 I do not turn aside from your regulations,

for you teach me.

119:103 Your words are sweeter

in my mouth than honey! 135 

119:104 Your precepts give me discernment.

Therefore I hate all deceitful actions. 136 

119:105 נ (Nun)

Your word 137  is a lamp to walk by,

and a light to illumine my path. 138 

119:106 I have vowed and solemnly sworn

to keep your just regulations.

119:107 I am suffering terribly.

O Lord, revive me with your word! 139 

119:108 O Lord, please accept the freewill offerings of my praise! 140 

Teach me your regulations!

119:109 My life is in continual danger, 141 

but I do not forget your law.

119:110 The wicked lay a trap for me,

but I do not wander from your precepts.

119:111 I claim your rules as my permanent possession,

for they give me joy. 142 

119:112 I am determined to obey 143  your statutes

at all times, to the very end.

119:113 ס (Samek)

I hate people with divided loyalties, 144 

but I love your law.

119:114 You are my hiding place and my shield.

I find hope in your word.

119:115 Turn away from me, you evil men,

so that I can observe 145  the commands of my God. 146 

119:116 Sustain me as you promised, 147  so that I will live. 148 

Do not disappoint me! 149 

119:117 Support me, so that I will be delivered.

Then I will focus 150  on your statutes continually.

119:118 You despise 151  all who stray from your statutes,

for they are deceptive and unreliable. 152 

119:119 You remove all the wicked of the earth like slag. 153 

Therefore I love your rules. 154 

119:120 My body 155  trembles 156  because I fear you; 157 

I am afraid of your judgments.

119:121 ע (Ayin)

I do what is fair and right. 158 

Do not abandon me to my oppressors!

119:122 Guarantee the welfare of your servant! 159 

Do not let the arrogant oppress me!

119:123 My eyes grow tired as I wait for your deliverance, 160 

for your reliable promise to be fulfilled. 161 

119:124 Show your servant your loyal love! 162 

Teach me your statutes!

119:125 I am your servant. Give me insight,

so that I can understand 163  your rules.

119:126 It is time for the Lord to act –

they break your law!

119:127 For this reason 164  I love your commands

more than gold, even purest gold.

119:128 For this reason I carefully follow all your precepts. 165 

I hate all deceitful actions. 166 

119:129 פ (Pe)

Your rules are marvelous.

Therefore I observe them.

119:130 Your instructions are a doorway through which light shines. 167 

They give 168  insight to the untrained. 169 

119:131 I open my mouth and pant,

because I long 170  for your commands.

119:132 Turn toward me and extend mercy to me,

as you typically do to your loyal followers. 171 

119:133 Direct my steps by your word! 172 

Do not let any sin dominate me!

119:134 Deliver me 173  from oppressive men,

so that I can keep 174  your precepts.

119:135 Smile 175  on your servant!

Teach me your statutes!

119:136 Tears stream down from my eyes, 176 

because people 177  do not keep your law.

119:137 צ (Tsade)

You are just, O Lord,

and your judgments are fair.

119:138 The rules you impose are just, 178 

and absolutely reliable.

119:139 My zeal 179  consumes 180  me,

for my enemies forget your instructions. 181 

119:140 Your word is absolutely pure,

and your servant loves it!

119:141 I am insignificant and despised,

yet I do not forget your precepts.

119:142 Your justice endures, 182 

and your law is reliable. 183 

119:143 Distress and hardship confront 184  me,

yet I find delight in your commands.

119:144 Your rules remain just. 185 

Give me insight so that I can live. 186 

119:145 ק (Qof)

I cried out with all my heart, “Answer me, O Lord!

I will observe your statutes.”

119:146 I cried out to you, “Deliver me,

so that I can keep 187  your rules.”

119:147 I am up before dawn crying for help.

I find hope in your word.

119:148 My eyes anticipate the nighttime hours,

so that I can meditate on your word.

119:149 Listen to me 188  because of 189  your loyal love!

O Lord, revive me, as you typically do! 190 

119:150 Those who are eager to do 191  wrong draw near;

they are far from your law.

119:151 You are near, O Lord,

and all your commands are reliable. 192 

119:152 I learned long ago that

you ordained your rules to last. 193 

119:153 ר (Resh)

See my pain and rescue me!

For I do not forget your law.

119:154 Fight for me 194  and defend me! 195 

Revive me with your word!

119:155 The wicked have no chance for deliverance, 196 

for they do not seek your statutes.

119:156 Your compassion is great, O Lord.

Revive me, as you typically do! 197 

119:157 The enemies who chase me are numerous. 198 

Yet I do not turn aside from your rules.

119:158 I take note of the treacherous and despise them,

because they do not keep your instructions. 199 

119:159 See how I love your precepts!

O Lord, revive me with your loyal love!

119:160 Your instructions are totally reliable;

all your just regulations endure. 200 

119:161 שׂ/שׁ (Sin/Shin)

Rulers pursue me for no reason,

yet I am more afraid of disobeying your instructions. 201 

119:162 I rejoice in your instructions,

like one who finds much plunder. 202 

119:163 I hate and despise deceit;

I love your law.

119:164 Seven 203  times a day I praise you

because of your just regulations.

119:165 Those who love your law are completely secure; 204 

nothing causes them to stumble. 205 

119:166 I hope for your deliverance, O Lord,

and I obey 206  your commands.

119:167 I keep your rules;

I love them greatly.

119:168 I keep your precepts and rules,

for you are aware of everything I do. 207 

119:169 ת (Tav)

Listen to my cry for help, 208  O Lord!

Give me insight by your word!

119:170 Listen to my appeal for mercy! 209 

Deliver me, as you promised. 210 

119:171 May praise flow freely from my lips,

for you teach me your statutes.

119:172 May my tongue sing about your instructions, 211 

for all your commands are just.

119:173 May your hand help me,

for I choose to obey 212  your precepts.

119:174 I long for your deliverance, O Lord;

I find delight in your law.

119:175 May I 213  live and praise you!

May your regulations help me! 214 

119:176 I have wandered off like a lost sheep. 215 

Come looking for your servant,

for I do not forget your commands.

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