Bible: Ps 102

Psalm 102 1 

102:1 The prayer of an oppressed man, as he grows faint and pours out his lament before the Lord.

O Lord, hear my prayer!

Pay attention to my cry for help! 2 

102:2 Do not ignore me in my time of trouble! 3 

Listen to me! 4 

When I call out to you, quickly answer me!

102:3 For my days go up in smoke, 5 

and my bones are charred like a fireplace. 6 

102:4 My heart is parched 7  and withered like grass,

for I am unable 8  to eat food. 9 

102:5 Because of the anxiety that makes me groan,

my bones protrude from my skin. 10 

102:6 I am like an owl 11  in the wilderness;

I am like a screech owl 12  among the ruins. 13 

102:7 I stay awake; 14 

I am like a solitary bird on a roof.

102:8 All day long my enemies taunt me;

those who mock me use my name in their curses. 15 

102:9 For I eat ashes as if they were bread, 16 

and mix my drink with my tears, 17 

102:10 because of your anger and raging fury.

Indeed, 18  you pick me up and throw me away.

102:11 My days are coming to an end, 19 

and I am withered like grass.

102:12 But you, O Lord, rule forever, 20 

and your reputation endures. 21 

102:13 You will rise up and have compassion on Zion. 22 

For it is time to have mercy on her,

for the appointed time has come.

102:14 Indeed, 23  your servants take delight in her stones,

and feel compassion for 24  the dust of her ruins. 25 

102:15 The nations will respect the reputation of the Lord, 26 

and all the kings of the earth will respect 27  his splendor,

102:16 when the Lord rebuilds Zion,

and reveals his splendor,

102:17 when he responds to the prayer of the destitute, 28 

and does not reject 29  their request. 30 

102:18 The account of his intervention 31  will be recorded for future generations;

people yet to be born will praise the Lord.

102:19 For he will look down from his sanctuary above; 32 

from heaven the Lord will look toward earth, 33 

102:20 in order to hear the painful cries of the prisoners,

and to set free those condemned to die, 34 

102:21 so they may proclaim the name of the Lord in Zion,

and praise him 35  in Jerusalem, 36 

102:22 when the nations gather together,

and the kingdoms pay tribute to the Lord. 37 

102:23 He has taken away my strength in the middle of life; 38 

he has cut short my days.

102:24 I say, “O my God, please do not take me away in the middle of my life! 39 

You endure through all generations. 40 

102:25 In earlier times you established the earth;

the skies are your handiwork.

102:26 They will perish,

but you will endure. 41 

They will wear out like a garment;

like clothes you will remove them and they will disappear. 42 

102:27 But you remain; 43 

your years do not come to an end.

102:28 The children of your servants will settle down here,

and their descendants 44  will live securely in your presence.” 45 

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