Bible: Proverbs 6:25-29

6:25 Do not lust 1  in your heart for her beauty,

and do not let her captivate you with her alluring eyes; 2 

6:26 for on account 3  of a prostitute one is brought down to a loaf of bread,

but the wife of another man 4  preys on your precious life. 5 

6:27 Can a man hold 6  fire 7  against his chest 8 

without 9  burning his clothes?

6:28 Can 10  a man walk on hot coals

without scorching his feet?

6:29 So it is with 11  the one who has sex with 12  his neighbor’s wife;

no one 13  who touches 14  her will escape 15  punishment. 16 

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