Bible: Proverbs 6:23-32

6:23 For the commandments 1  are like 2  a lamp, 3 

instruction is like a light,

and rebukes of discipline are like 4  the road leading to life, 5 

6:24 by keeping 6  you from the evil woman, 7 

from the smooth tongue of 8  the loose woman. 9 

6:25 Do not lust 10  in your heart for her beauty,

and do not let her captivate you with her alluring eyes; 11 

6:26 for on account 12  of a prostitute one is brought down to a loaf of bread,

but the wife of another man 13  preys on your precious life. 14 

6:27 Can a man hold 15  fire 16  against his chest 17 

without 18  burning his clothes?

6:28 Can 19  a man walk on hot coals

without scorching his feet?

6:29 So it is with 20  the one who has sex with 21  his neighbor’s wife;

no one 22  who touches 23  her will escape 24  punishment. 25 

6:30 People 26  do not despise a thief when he steals

to fulfill his need 27  when he is hungry.

6:31 Yet 28  if he is caught 29  he must repay 30  seven times over,

he might even have to give 31  all the wealth of his house.

6:32 A man who commits adultery with a woman lacks wisdom, 32 

whoever does it destroys his own life. 33 

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