Bible: Proverbs 1-9

Introduction to the Book

1:1 The Proverbs 1  of 2  Solomon 3  son of David, 4  king of Israel: 5 

1:2 To 6  learn 7  wisdom 8  and moral instruction, 9 

and to discern 10  wise counsel. 11 

1:3 To receive 12  moral instruction 13  in skillful living, 14 

in 15  righteousness, 16  justice, 17  and equity. 18 

1:4 To impart 19  shrewdness 20  to the morally naive, 21 

and 22  a discerning 23  plan 24  to the young person. 25 

1:5 (Let the wise also 26  hear 27  and gain 28  instruction,

and let the discerning 29  acquire 30  guidance! 31 )

1:6 To discern 32  the meaning of 33  a proverb and a parable, 34 

the sayings of the wise 35  and their 36  riddles. 37 

Introduction to the Theme of the Book

1:7 Fearing the Lord 38  is the beginning 39  of moral knowledge, 40 

but 41  fools 42  despise 43  wisdom and instruction. 44 

1:8 Listen, 45  my child, 46  to the instruction 47  from 48  your father,

and do not forsake the teaching 49  from 50  your mother.

1:9 For they will be like 51  an elegant 52  garland 53  on 54  your head,

and like 55  pendants 56  around 57  your neck.

Admonition to Avoid Easy but Unjust Riches

1:10 My child, if sinners 58  try to entice 59  you,

do not consent! 60 

1:11 If they say, “Come with us!

We will 61  lie in wait 62  to shed blood; 63 

we will ambush 64  an innocent person 65  capriciously. 66 

1:12 We will swallow them alive 67  like Sheol, 68 

those full of vigor 69  like those going down to the Pit.

1:13 We will seize 70  all kinds 71  of precious wealth;

we will fill our houses with plunder. 72 

1:14 Join with us! 73 

We will all share 74  equally in what we steal.” 75 

1:15 My child, do not go down 76  their way, 77 

withhold yourself 78  from their path; 79 

1:16 for they 80  are eager 81  to inflict harm, 82 

and they hasten 83  to shed blood. 84 

1:17 Surely it is futile to spread 85  a net

in plain sight of 86  any bird, 87 

1:18 but these men lie in wait for their own blood, 88 

they ambush their own lives! 89 

1:19 Such 90  are the ways 91  of all who gain profit unjustly; 92 

it 93  takes away the life 94  of those who obtain it! 95 

Warning Against Disregarding Wisdom

1:20 Wisdom 96  calls out 97  in the street,

she shouts loudly 98  in the plazas; 99 

1:21 at the head of the noisy 100  streets she calls,

in the entrances of the gates in the city 101  she utters her words: 102 

1:22How long will you simpletons 103  love naiveté? 104 

How long 105  will mockers 106  delight 107  in mockery 108 

and fools 109  hate knowledge?

1:23 If only 110  you will respond 111  to my rebuke, 112 

then 113  I will pour 114  out my thoughts 115  to you

and 116  I will make 117  my words known to you.

1:24 However, 118  because 119  I called but you refused to listen, 120 

because 121  I stretched out my hand 122  but no one paid attention,

1:25 because 123  you neglected 124  all my advice,

and did not comply 125  with my rebuke,

1:26 so 126  I myself will laugh 127  when disaster strikes you, 128 

I will mock when what you dread 129  comes,

1:27 when what you dread 130  comes like a whirlwind, 131 

and disaster strikes you 132  like a devastating storm, 133 

when distressing trouble 134  comes on you.

1:28 Then they will call to me, but I will not answer;

they will diligently seek 135  me, but they will not find me.

1:29 Because 136  they hated moral knowledge, 137 

and did not choose to fear the Lord, 138 

1:30 they did not comply with my advice,

they spurned 139  all my rebuke.

1:31 Therefore 140  they will eat from the fruit 141  of their way, 142 

and they will be stuffed full 143  of their own counsel.

1:32 For the waywardness 144  of the

simpletons will kill 145  them,

and the careless ease 146  of fools will destroy them.

1:33 But the one who listens 147  to me will live in security, 148 

and will be at ease 149  from the dread of harm.

Benefits of Seeking Wisdom 150 

2:1 My child, 151  if 152  you receive my words,

and store up 153  my commands within you,

2:2 by making 154  your ear 155  attentive to wisdom,

and 156  by turning 157  your heart 158  to understanding,

2:3 indeed, if 159  you call out for 160  discernment 161 

raise your voice 162  for understanding

2:4 if 163  you seek 164  it like silver, 165 

and search for it 166  like hidden treasure,

2:5 then you will understand 167  how to fear the Lord, 168 

and you will discover 169  knowledge 170  about God. 171 

2:6 For 172  the Lord gives 173  wisdom,

and from his mouth 174  comes 175  knowledge and understanding.

2:7 He stores up 176  effective counsel 177  for the upright, 178 

and is like 179  a shield 180  for those who live 181  with integrity, 182 

2:8 to guard 183  the paths of the righteous 184 

and to protect 185  the way of his pious ones. 186 

2:9 Then you will understand 187  righteousness and justice

and equity – every 188  good 189  way. 190 

2:10 For wisdom will enter your heart, 191 

and moral knowledge 192  will be attractive 193  to you. 194 

2:11 Discretion 195  will protect you, 196 

understanding will guard you,

2:12 to deliver 197  you from the way of the wicked, 198 

from those 199  speaking perversity, 200 

2:13 who leave 201  the upright 202  paths

to walk on the dark 203  ways,

2:14 who delight 204  in doing 205  evil, 206 

they rejoice in perverse evil; 207 

2:15 whose paths 208  are morally crooked, 209 

and who are devious 210  in their ways;

2:16 to deliver you 211  from the adulteress, 212 

from the sexually loose woman 213  who speaks flattering 214  words; 215 

2:17 who leaves 216  the husband 217  from her younger days, 218 

and forgets her marriage covenant 219  made before God. 220 

2:18 For her house 221  sinks 222  down to death,

and her paths lead 223  to the place of the departed spirits. 224 

2:19 None who go in to her will return, 225 

nor will they reach the paths of life. 226 

2:20 So 227  you will walk in the way of good people, 228 

and will keep on the paths of the righteous. 229 

2:21 For the upright will reside in the land,

and those with integrity 230  will remain in it,

2:22 but the wicked 231  will be removed 232  from the land,

and the treacherous 233  will be torn away 234  from it.

Exhortations to Seek Wisdom and Walk with the Lord 235 

3:1 My child, 236  do not forget my teaching,

but let your heart keep 237  my commandments,

3:2 for they will provide 238  a long and full life, 239 

and they will add well-being 240  to you.

3:3 Do not let truth and mercy 241  leave you;

bind them around your neck,

write them on the tablet of your heart. 242 

3:4 Then you will find 243  favor and good understanding, 244 

in the sight of God and people. 245 

3:5 Trust 246  in the Lord with all your heart, 247 

and do not rely 248  on your own understanding. 249 

3:6 Acknowledge 250  him in all your ways, 251 

and he will make your paths straight. 252 

3:7 Do not be wise in your own estimation; 253 

fear the Lord and turn away from evil. 254 

3:8 This will bring 255  healing to your body, 256 

and refreshment 257  to your inner self. 258 

3:9 Honor 259  the Lord from your wealth

and from the first fruits of all your crops; 260 

3:10 then your barns will be filled completely, 261 

and your vats 262  will overflow 263  with new wine.

3:11 My child, do not despise discipline from the Lord, 264 

and do not loathe 265  his rebuke.

3:12 For the Lord disciplines 266  those he loves,

just as a father 267  disciplines 268  the son in whom he delights.

Blessings of Obtaining Wisdom

3:13 Blessed 269  is the one 270  who finds 271  wisdom,

and the one who obtains 272  understanding.

3:14 For her 273  benefit 274  is more profitable 275  than silver,

and her 276  gain 277  is better 278  than gold.

3:15 She is more precious than rubies,

and none of the things 279  you desire 280  can compare 281  with her. 282 

3:16 Long life 283  is in her right hand;

in her left hand are riches and honor.

3:17 Her ways are very pleasant, 284 

and all her paths are peaceful.

3:18 She is like 285  a tree of life 286  to those who obtain her, 287 

and everyone who grasps hold of her will be blessed. 288 

3:19 By wisdom the Lord laid the foundation of the earth; 289 

he established the heavens by understanding. 290 

3:20 By his knowledge the primordial sea 291  was broken open, 292 

and the clouds drip down dew. 293 

3:21 My child, do not let them 294  escape from your sight;

safeguard sound wisdom and discretion. 295 

3:22 So 296  they will give 297  life to you, 298 

and grace to adorn 299  your neck. 300 

3:23 Then you will walk on your way 301  with security,

and you 302  will not stumble. 303 

3:24 When 304  you lie down you will not be filled with fear; 305 

when 306  you lie down your sleep will be pleasant. 307 

3:25 You will not be afraid 308  of sudden 309  disaster, 310 

or when destruction overtakes 311  the wicked; 312 

3:26 for the Lord will be 313  the source of your confidence, 314 

and he will guard your foot 315  from being caught in a trap. 316 

Wisdom Demonstrated in Relationships with People

3:27 Do not withhold good from those who need it, 317 

when 318  you 319  have the ability 320  to help. 321 

3:28 Do not say to your neighbor, “Go! Return tomorrow

and I will give it,” when 322  you have it with you at the time. 323 

3:29 Do not plot 324  evil against your neighbor

when 325  he dwells by you unsuspectingly.

3:30 Do not accuse 326  anyone 327  without legitimate cause, 328 

if he has not treated you wrongly.

3:31 Do not envy a violent man, 329 

and do not choose to imitate 330  any of his ways;

3:32 for one who goes astray 331  is an abomination 332  to the Lord,

but he reveals 333  his intimate counsel 334  to the upright.

3:33 The Lord’s curse 335  is on the household 336  of the wicked, 337 

but he blesses 338  the home 339  of the righteous. 340 

3:34 Although 341  he is scornful to arrogant scoffers, 342 

yet 343  he shows favor to the humble. 344 

3:35 The wise inherit honor,

but he holds fools up 345  to public contempt. 346 

Admonition to Follow Righteousness and Avoid Wickedness 347 

4:1 Listen, children, 348  to a father’s instruction, 349 

and pay attention so that 350  you may gain 351  discernment.

4:2 Because I give 352  you good instruction, 353 

do not forsake my teaching.

4:3 When I was a son to my father, 354 

a tender only child 355  before my mother,

4:4 he taught me, and he said to me:

“Let your heart lay hold of my words;

keep my commands so that 356  you will live.

4:5 Acquire wisdom, acquire understanding;

do not forget and do not turn aside from the words I speak. 357 

4:6 Do not forsake wisdom, 358  and she will protect you;

love her, and she will guard you.

4:7 Wisdom is supreme 359 so 360  acquire wisdom,

and whatever you acquire, 361  acquire understanding! 362 

4:8 Esteem her highly 363  and she will exalt you;

she will honor you if you embrace her.

4:9 She will place a fair 364  garland on your head;

she will bestow 365  a beautiful crown 366  on you.”

4:10 Listen, my child, 367  and accept my words,

so that 368  the years of your life will be many. 369 

4:11 I will guide you 370  in the way of wisdom

and I will lead you in upright paths. 371 

4:12 When you walk, your steps 372  will not be hampered, 373 

and when you run, 374  you will not stumble.

4:13 Hold on to instruction, 375  do not let it go;

protect it, 376  because it is your life.

4:14 Do not enter the path of the wicked

or walk 377  in the way of those who are evil.

4:15 Avoid it, do not go on it;

turn away from it, and go on. 378 

4:16 For they cannot sleep unless they cause harm; 379 

they are robbed of sleep 380  until they make someone stumble. 381 

4:17 For they eat bread 382  gained from wickedness 383 

and drink wine obtained from violence. 384 

4:18 But the path of the righteous is like the bright morning light, 385 

growing brighter and brighter 386  until full day. 387 

4:19 The way of the wicked is like gloomy darkness; 388 

they do not know what causes them to stumble. 389 

4:20 My child, pay attention to my words;

listen attentively 390  to my sayings.

4:21 Do not let them depart 391  from your sight,

guard 392  them within your heart; 393 

4:22 for they are life to those who find them

and healing to one’s entire body. 394 

4:23 Guard your heart with all vigilance, 395 

for from it are the sources 396  of life.

4:24 Remove perverse speech 397  from your mouth; 398 

keep devious talk far from your lips. 399 

4:25 Let your eyes look directly 400  in front of you

and let your gaze 401  look straight before you.

4:26 Make the path for your feet 402  level, 403 

so that 404  all your ways may be established. 405 

4:27 Do not turn 406  to the right or to the left;

turn yourself 407  away from evil. 408 

Admonition to Avoid Seduction to Evil 409 

5:1 My child, 410  be attentive to my wisdom,

pay close attention 411  to my understanding,

5:2 in order to safeguard 412  discretion, 413 

and that your lips may guard knowledge.

5:3 For the lips 414  of the adulterous woman drip honey,

and her seductive words 415  are smoother than olive oil,

5:4 but in the end 416  she is bitter 417  as wormwood, 418 

sharp as a two-edged 419  sword.

5:5 Her feet go down to death;

her steps lead straight to the grave. 420 

5:6 Lest 421  she should make level the path leading to life, 422 

her paths are unstable 423  but she does not know it. 424 

5:7 So now, children, 425  listen to me;

do not turn aside from the words I speak. 426 

5:8 Keep yourself 427  far 428  from her,

and do not go near the door of her house,

5:9 lest you give your vigor 429  to others

and your years to a cruel person,

5:10 lest strangers devour 430  your strength, 431 

and your labor 432  benefit 433  another man’s house.

5:11 And at the end of your life 434  you will groan 435 

when your flesh and your body are wasted away. 436 

5:12 And you will say, “How I hated discipline!

My heart spurned reproof!

5:13 For 437  I did not obey my teachers 438 

and I did not heed 439  my instructors. 440 

5:14 I almost 441  came to complete ruin 442 

in the midst of the whole congregation! 443 

5:15 Drink water from your own cistern

and running water from your own well. 444 

5:16 Should your springs be dispersed 445  outside,

your streams of water in the wide plazas?

5:17 Let them be for yourself 446  alone,

and not for strangers with you. 447 

5:18 May your fountain be blessed, 448 

and may you rejoice 449  in your young wife 450 

5:19 a loving doe, 451  a graceful deer;

may her breasts satisfy you at all times,

may you be captivated 452  by her love always.

5:20 But why should you be captivated, 453  my son, by an adulteress,

and embrace the bosom of a different woman? 454 

5:21 For the ways of a person 455  are in front of the Lord’s eyes,

and the Lord 456  weighs 457  all that person’s 458  paths.

5:22 The wicked 459  will be captured by his 460  own iniquities, 461 

and he will be held 462  by the cords of his own sin. 463 

5:23 He will die because 464  there was no discipline;

because of the greatness of his folly 465  he will reel. 466 

Admonitions and Warnings against Dangerous and Destructive Acts 467 

6:1 My child, 468  if you have made a pledge 469  for your neighbor,

and 470  have become a guarantor 471  for a stranger, 472 

6:2 if 473  you have been ensnared 474  by the words you have uttered, 475 

and have been caught by the words you have spoken,

6:3 then, my child, do this in order to deliver yourself, 476 

because you have fallen into your neighbor’s power: 477 

go, humble yourself, 478 

and appeal firmly 479  to your neighbor.

6:4 Permit no sleep to your eyes 480 

or slumber to your eyelids.

6:5 Deliver yourself like a gazelle from a snare, 481 

and like a bird from the trap 482  of the fowler.

6:6 Go to the ant, you sluggard; 483 

observe its ways and be wise!

6:7 It has no commander,

overseer, or 484  ruler,

6:8 yet it prepares its food in the summer;

it gathers at the harvest what it will eat. 485 

6:9 How long, you sluggard, will you lie there?

When will you rise from your sleep? 486 

6:10 A little sleep, a little slumber,

a little folding of the hands to relax, 487 

6:11 and your poverty will come like a robber, 488 

and your need like an armed man. 489 

6:12 A worthless and wicked person 490 

walks around saying perverse 491  things; 492 

6:13 he winks with his eyes,

signals with his feet,

and points with his fingers; 493 

6:14 he plots evil with perverse thoughts 494  in his heart,

he spreads contention 495  at all times.

6:15 Therefore, his disaster will come suddenly;

in an instant 496  he will be broken, and there will be no remedy.

6:16 There are six things that the Lord hates,

even 497  seven 498  things that are an abomination to him: 499 

6:17 haughty eyes, 500  a lying tongue, 501 

and hands that shed innocent blood, 502 

6:18 a heart that devises wicked plans, 503 

feet that are swift to run 504  to evil,

6:19 a false witness who pours out lies, 505 

and a person who spreads discord 506  among family members. 507 

6:20 My child, guard the commands of your father

and do not forsake the instruction of your mother.

6:21 Bind them 508  on your heart continually;

fasten them around your neck.

6:22 When you walk about, 509  they 510  will guide you;

when you lie down, they will watch over you;

when you wake up, 511  they will talk 512  to you.

6:23 For the commandments 513  are like 514  a lamp, 515 

instruction is like a light,

and rebukes of discipline are like 516  the road leading to life, 517 

6:24 by keeping 518  you from the evil woman, 519 

from the smooth tongue of 520  the loose woman. 521 

6:25 Do not lust 522  in your heart for her beauty,

and do not let her captivate you with her alluring eyes; 523 

6:26 for on account 524  of a prostitute one is brought down to a loaf of bread,

but the wife of another man 525  preys on your precious life. 526 

6:27 Can a man hold 527  fire 528  against his chest 529 

without 530  burning his clothes?

6:28 Can 531  a man walk on hot coals

without scorching his feet?

6:29 So it is with 532  the one who has sex with 533  his neighbor’s wife;

no one 534  who touches 535  her will escape 536  punishment. 537 

6:30 People 538  do not despise a thief when he steals

to fulfill his need 539  when he is hungry.

6:31 Yet 540  if he is caught 541  he must repay 542  seven times over,

he might even have to give 543  all the wealth of his house.

6:32 A man who commits adultery with a woman lacks wisdom, 544 

whoever does it destroys his own life. 545 

6:33 He will be beaten and despised, 546 

and his reproach will not be wiped away; 547 

6:34 for jealousy kindles 548  a husband’s 549  rage,

and he will not show mercy 550  when he takes revenge.

6:35 He will not consider 551  any compensation; 552 

he will not be willing, even if you multiply the compensation. 553 

Admonition to Avoid the Wiles of the Adulteress 554 

7:1 My child, 555  keep my words

and treasure up my commands in your own keeping. 556 

7:2 Keep my commands 557  so that you may live, 558 

and obey 559  my instruction as your most prized possession. 560 

7:3 Bind them on your forearm; 561 

write them on the tablet of your heart. 562 

7:4 Say to wisdom, “You are my sister,” 563 

and call understanding a close relative,

7:5 so that they may keep you 564  from the adulterous 565  woman,

from the loose woman 566  who flatters you 567  with her words. 568 

7:6 For at the window of my house

through my window lattice I looked out

7:7 and I saw among the naive

I discerned among the youths 569 

a young man 570  who lacked wisdom. 571 

7:8 He was passing by the street near her corner,

making his way 572  along the road to her house 573 

7:9 in the twilight, the evening, 574 

in the dark of the night. 575 

7:10 Suddenly 576  a woman came out to meet him!

She was dressed like a prostitute 577  and with secret intent. 578 

7:11 (She is loud and rebellious,

she 579  does not remain 580  at home

7:12 at one time outside, at another 581  in the wide plazas,

and by every corner she lies in wait.)

7:13 So she grabbed him and kissed him,

and with a bold expression 582  she said to him,

7:14I have 583  fresh meat at home; 584 

today I have fulfilled my vows!

7:15 That is why I came out to meet you,

to look for you, 585  and I found you!

7:16 I have spread my bed with elegant coverings, 586 

with richly colored fabric 587  from Egypt.

7:17 I have perfumed my bed

with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon.

7:18 Come, let’s drink deeply 588  of lovemaking 589  until morning,

let’s delight ourselves 590  with sexual intercourse. 591 

7:19 For my husband 592  is not at home; 593 

he has gone on a journey of some distance.

7:20 He has taken a bag of money with him; 594 

he will not return until 595  the end of the month.” 596 

7:21 She persuaded him 597  with persuasive words; 598 

with her smooth talk 599  she compelled him. 600 

7:22 Suddenly he went 601  after her

like an ox that goes to the slaughter,

like a stag prancing into a trapper’s snare 602 

7:23 till an arrow pierces his liver 603 

like a bird hurrying into a trap,

and he does not know that it will cost him his life. 604 

7:24 So now, sons, 605  listen to me,

and pay attention to the words I speak. 606 

7:25 Do not let your heart turn aside to her ways

do not wander into her pathways;

7:26 for she has brought down 607  many fatally wounded,

and all those she has slain are many. 608 

7:27 Her house is the way to the grave, 609 

going down 610  to the chambers 611  of death.

The Appeal of Wisdom 612 

8:1 Does not wisdom call out?

Does not understanding raise her voice?

8:2 At the top 613  of the elevated places along the way,

at the intersection 614  of the paths she takes her stand;

8:3 beside the gates opening into 615  the city,

at the entrance of the doorways she cries out: 616 

8:4To you, O people, 617  I call out,

and my voice calls 618  to all mankind. 619 

8:5 You who are naive, discern 620  wisdom!

And you fools, understand discernment! 621 

8:6 Listen, for I will speak excellent things, 622 

and my lips will utter 623  what is right.

8:7 For my mouth 624  speaks truth, 625 

and my lips 626  hate wickedness. 627 

8:8 All the words of my mouth are righteous; 628 

there is nothing in them twisted 629  or crooked.

8:9 All of them are clear 630  to the discerning

and upright to those who find knowledge.

8:10 Receive my instruction 631  rather than 632  silver,

and knowledge rather than choice gold.

8:11 For wisdom is better than rubies,

and desirable things cannot be compared 633  to her.

8:12I, wisdom, live with prudence, 634 

and I find 635  knowledge and discretion.

8:13 The fear of the Lord is to hate 636  evil;

I hate arrogant pride 637  and the evil way

and perverse utterances. 638 

8:14 Counsel and sound wisdom belong to me; 639 

I possess understanding and might.

8:15 Kings reign by means of me,

and potentates 640  decree 641  righteousness;

8:16 by me princes rule,

as well as nobles and 642  all righteous judges. 643 

8:17 I love 644  those who love me,

and those who seek me find me.

8:18 Riches and honor are with me,

long-lasting wealth and righteousness.

8:19 My fruit is better than the purest gold, 645 

and what I produce 646  is better than choice silver.

8:20 I walk in the path of righteousness,

in the pathway of justice,

8:21 that I may cause 647  those who love me to inherit wealth,

and that I may fill 648  their treasuries. 649 

8:22 The Lord created 650  me as the beginning 651  of his works, 652 

before his deeds of long ago.

8:23 From eternity I was appointed, 653 

from the beginning, from before the world existed. 654 

8:24 When there were no deep oceans 655  I was born, 656 

when there were no springs overflowing 657  with water;

8:25 before the mountains were set in place –

before the hills – I was born,

8:26 before he made the earth and its fields, 658 

or the beginning 659  of the dust of the world.

8:27 When he established the heavens, I was there;

when he marked out the horizon 660  over the face of the deep,

8:28 when he established the clouds above,

when the fountains of the deep grew strong, 661 

8:29 when he gave the sea his decree

that the waters should not pass over his command, 662 

when he marked out the foundations of the earth,

8:30 then I was 663  beside him as a master craftsman, 664 

and I was his delight 665  day by day,

rejoicing before him at all times,

8:31 rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth, 666 

and delighting 667  in its people. 668 

8:32So now, children, 669  listen to me;

blessed are those who keep my ways.

8:33 Listen to my instruction 670  so that you may be wise, 671 

and do not neglect it.

8:34 Blessed is the one 672  who listens to me,

watching 673  at my doors day by day,

waiting 674  beside my doorway. 675 

8:35 For the one who finds me finds 676  life

and receives 677  favor from the Lord.

8:36 But the one who does not find me 678  brings harm 679  to himself; 680 

all who hate me 681  love death.”

The Consequences of Accepting Wisdom or Folly 682 

9:1 Wisdom has built her house;

she has carved out its seven pillars. 683 

9:2 She has prepared her meat, 684  she has mixed her wine;

she also has arranged her table. 685 

9:3 She has sent out her female servants;

she calls out on the highest places 686  of the city.

9:4Whoever is naive, let him turn in here,”

she says 687  to those 688  who lack understanding. 689 

9:5Come, eat 690  some of my food,

and drink some of the wine I have mixed. 691 

9:6 Abandon your foolish ways 692  so that you may live, 693 

and proceed 694  in the way of understanding.”

9:7 Whoever corrects 695  a mocker is asking for 696  insult; 697 

whoever reproves a wicked person receives 698  abuse.

9:8 Do not reprove 699  a mocker or 700  he will hate you;

reprove a wise person and he will love you.

9:9 Give instruction 701  to a wise person, 702  and he will become wiser still;

teach 703  a righteous person and he will add to his 704  learning.

9:10 The beginning 705  of wisdom is to fear the Lord, 706 

and acknowledging 707  the Holy One 708  is understanding.

9:11 For because 709  of me your days will be many,

and years will be added 710  to your life.

9:12 If you are wise, you are wise to your own advantage, 711 

but if you are a mocker, 712  you alone must 713  bear it. 714 

9:13 The woman called Folly 715  is brash, 716 

she is naive 717  and does not know 718  anything. 719 

9:14 So she sits at the door of her house,

on a seat at the highest point of the city,

9:15 calling out 720  to those who are passing by her 721  in the way, 722 

who go straight 723  on their way.

9:16Whoever is simple, let him turn in here,”

she says to those who lack understanding. 724 

9:17Stolen waters 725  are sweet,

and food obtained in secret 726  is pleasant!

9:18 But they do not realize 727  that the dead 728  are there,

that her guests are in the depths of the grave. 729 

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