Bible: Prov 5:15-23

5:15 Drink water from your own cistern

and running water from your own well. 1 

5:16 Should your springs be dispersed 2  outside,

your streams of water in the wide plazas?

5:17 Let them be for yourself 3  alone,

and not for strangers with you. 4 

5:18 May your fountain be blessed, 5 

and may you rejoice 6  in your young wife 7 

5:19 a loving doe, 8  a graceful deer;

may her breasts satisfy you at all times,

may you be captivated 9  by her love always.

5:20 But why should you be captivated, 10  my son, by an adulteress,

and embrace the bosom of a different woman? 11 

5:21 For the ways of a person 12  are in front of the Lord’s eyes,

and the Lord 13  weighs 14  all that person’s 15  paths.

5:22 The wicked 16  will be captured by his 17  own iniquities, 18 

and he will be held 19  by the cords of his own sin. 20 

5:23 He will die because 21  there was no discipline;

because of the greatness of his folly 22  he will reel. 23 

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