Bible: Prov 16-22

16:1 The intentions of the heart 1  belong to a man, 2 

but the answer of the tongue 3  comes from 4  the Lord. 5 

16:2 All a person’s ways 6  seem right 7  in his own opinion, 8 

but the Lord evaluates 9  the motives. 10 

16:3 Commit 11  your works 12  to the Lord,

and your plans will be established. 13 

16:4 The Lord works 14  everything for its own ends 15 

even the wicked for the day of disaster. 16 

16:5 The Lord abhors 17  every arrogant person; 18 

rest assured 19  that they will not go unpunished. 20 

16:6 Through loyal love and truth 21  iniquity is appeased; 22 

through fearing the Lord 23  one avoids 24  evil. 25 

16:7 When a person’s 26  ways are pleasing to the Lord, 27 

he 28  even reconciles his enemies to himself. 29 

16:8 Better to have a little with righteousness 30 

than to have abundant income without justice. 31 

16:9 A person 32  plans his course, 33 

but the Lord directs 34  his steps. 35 

16:10 The divine verdict 36  is in the words 37  of the king,

his pronouncements 38  must not act treacherously 39  against justice.

16:11 Honest scales and balances 40  are from the Lord;

all the weights 41  in the bag are his handiwork.

16:12 Doing wickedness 42  is an abomination to kings,

because a throne 43  is established in righteousness.

16:13 The delight of kings 44  is righteous counsel, 45 

and they love the one who speaks 46  uprightly. 47 

16:14 A king’s wrath 48  is like 49  a messenger of death, 50 

but a wise person appeases it. 51 

16:15 In the light of the king’s face 52  there is life,

and his favor is like the clouds 53  of the spring rain. 54 

16:16 How much better it is to acquire 55  wisdom than gold;

to acquire understanding is more desirable 56  than silver.

16:17 The highway 57  of the upright is to turn 58  away from evil;

the one who guards 59  his way safeguards his life. 60 

16:18 Pride 61  goes 62  before destruction,

and a haughty spirit before a fall. 63 

16:19 It is better to be lowly in spirit 64  with the afflicted

than to share the spoils 65  with the proud.

16:20 The one who deals wisely 66  in a matter 67  will find success, 68 

and blessed 69  is the one who trusts in the Lord. 70 

16:21 The one who is wise in heart 71  is called 72  discerning,

and kind speech 73  increases persuasiveness. 74 

16:22 Insight 75  is like 76  a life-giving fountain 77  to the one who possesses it,

but folly leads to the discipline of fools. 78 

16:23 A wise person’s heart 79  makes his speech wise 80 

and it adds persuasiveness 81  to his words. 82 

16:24 Pleasant words are like 83  a honeycomb, 84 

sweet to the soul and healing 85  to the bones.

16:25 There is a way that seems right to a person, 86 

but its end is the way that leads to death. 87 

16:26 A laborer’s 88  appetite 89  works on his behalf, 90 

for his hunger 91  urges him to work. 92 

16:27 A wicked scoundrel 93  digs up 94  evil,

and his slander 95  is like a scorching fire. 96 

16:28 A perverse person 97  spreads dissension,

and a gossip separates the closest friends. 98 

16:29 A violent person 99  entices 100  his neighbor,

and leads him down a path that is terrible. 101 

16:30 The one who winks his eyes 102  devises perverse things,

and 103  one who compresses his lips 104  brings about 105  evil.

16:31 Gray hair is like 106  a crown of glory; 107 

it is attained 108  in the path of righteousness. 109 

16:32 Better to be slow to anger 110  than to be a mighty warrior,

and one who controls his temper 111  is better than 112  one who captures a city. 113 

16:33 The dice are thrown into the lap, 114 

but their every decision 115  is from the Lord. 116 

17:1 Better is a dry crust of bread 117  where there is quietness 118 

than a house full of feasting with strife. 119 

17:2 A servant who acts wisely 120  will rule

over 121  an heir 122  who behaves shamefully, 123 

and will share the inheritance along with the relatives. 124 

17:3 The crucible 125  is for refining 126  silver and the furnace 127  is for gold,

likewise 128  the Lord tests 129  hearts.

17:4 One who acts wickedly 130  pays attention to evil counsel; 131 

a liar listens 132  to a malicious tongue. 133 

17:5 The one who mocks the poor 134  insults 135  his Creator;

whoever rejoices over disaster will not go unpunished.

17:6 Grandchildren 136  are like 137  a crown 138  to the elderly,

and the glory 139  of children is their parents. 140 

17:7 Excessive 141  speech 142  is not becoming for a fool; 143 

how much less are lies 144  for a ruler! 145 

17:8 A bribe works like 146  a charm 147  for the one who offers it; 148 

in whatever he does 149  he succeeds. 150 

17:9 The one who forgives 151  an offense seeks 152  love,

but whoever repeats a matter separates close friends. 153 

17:10 A rebuke makes a greater impression on 154  a discerning person

than a hundred blows on a fool. 155 

17:11 An evil person seeks only rebellion, 156 

and so 157  a cruel messenger 158  will be sent against him.

17:12 It is better for a person to meet 159  a mother bear being robbed of her cubs,

than 160  to encounter 161  a fool in his folly. 162 

17:13 As for the one who repays 163  evil for good,

evil will not leave 164  his house. 165 

17:14 Starting a quarrel 166  is like letting out water; 167 

stop it before strife breaks out! 168 

17:15 The one who acquits the guilty and the one who condemns the innocent 169 

both of them are an abomination to the Lord. 170 

17:16 Of what 171  use is money in the hand of a fool, 172 

since he has no intention 173  of acquiring wisdom? 174 

17:17 A friend 175  loves at all times,

and a relative 176  is born to help in adversity. 177 

17:18 The one who lacks wisdom 178  strikes hands in pledge, 179 

and puts up financial security 180  for his neighbor. 181 

17:19 The one who loves a quarrel loves transgression; 182 

whoever builds his gate high seeks destruction. 183 

17:20 The one who has a perverse heart 184  does not find good, 185 

and the one who is deceitful in speech 186  falls into trouble.

17:21 Whoever brings a fool 187  into the world 188  does so 189  to his grief,

and the father of a fool has no joy. 190 

17:22 A cheerful heart 191  brings good healing, 192 

but a crushed spirit 193  dries up the bones. 194 

17:23 A wicked person receives a bribe secretly 195 

to pervert 196  the ways of justice.

17:24 Wisdom is directly in front of 197  the discerning person,

but the eyes of a fool run 198  to the ends of the earth. 199 

17:25 A foolish child is a grief 200  to his father,

and bitterness to the mother who bore him. 201 

17:26 It is terrible 202  to punish 203  a righteous person,

and to flog 204  honorable men is wrong. 205 

17:27 The truly wise person 206  restrains 207  his words,

and the one who stays calm 208  is discerning.

17:28 Even a fool who remains silent is considered 209  wise,

and the one who holds his tongue is deemed discerning. 210 

18:1 One who has isolated himself 211  seeks his own desires; 212 

he rejects 213  all sound judgment.

18:2 A fool takes no pleasure 214  in understanding

but only in disclosing 215  what is on his mind. 216 

18:3 When a wicked person 217  arrives, contempt 218  shows up with him,

and with shame comes 219  a reproach.

18:4 The words of a person’s mouth are like 220  deep waters, 221 

and 222  the fountain of wisdom 223  is like 224  a flowing brook. 225 

18:5 It is terrible 226  to show partiality 227  to the wicked, 228 

by depriving 229  a righteous man of justice.

18:6 The lips of a fool 230  enter into strife, 231 

and his mouth invites 232  a flogging. 233 

18:7 The mouth of a fool is his ruin,

and his lips are a snare for his life. 234 

18:8 The words of a gossip 235  are like choice morsels; 236 

they go down into the person’s innermost being. 237 

18:9 The one who 238  is slack 239  in his work

is a brother 240  to one who destroys. 241 

18:10 The name of the Lord 242  is like 243  a strong tower; 244 

the righteous person runs 245  to it and is set safely on high. 246 

18:11 The wealth 247  of a rich person is like 248  a strong city, 249 

and it is like a high wall in his imagination. 250 

18:12 Before destruction the heart 251  of a person is proud,

but humility comes 252  before honor. 253 

18:13 The one who gives an answer 254  before he listens 255 

that is his folly and his shame. 256 

18:14 A person’s spirit 257  sustains him through sickness

but who can bear 258  a crushed spirit? 259 

18:15 The discerning person 260  acquires knowledge,

and the wise person 261  seeks 262  knowledge.

18:16 A person’s gift 263  makes room for him,

and leads him 264  before important people.

18:17 The first to state his case 265  seems 266  right,

until his opponent 267  begins to 268  cross-examine him. 269 

18:18 A toss of a coin 270  ends 271  disputes,

and settles the issue 272  between strong opponents. 273 

18:19 A relative 274  offended 275  is harder to reach than 276  a strong city,

and disputes are like the barred gates 277  of a fortified citadel. 278 

18:20 From the fruit of a person’s mouth 279  his stomach is satisfied, 280 

with the product of his lips is he satisfied.

18:21 Death and life are in the power 281  of the tongue, 282 

and those who love its use 283  will eat its fruit.

18:22 The one who finds 284  a wife finds what is enjoyable, 285 

and receives a pleasurable gift 286  from the Lord. 287 

18:23 A poor person makes supplications, 288 

but a rich man answers harshly. 289 

18:24 A person who has friends 290  may be harmed by them, 291 

but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother.

19:1 Better is a poor person who walks in his integrity 292 

than one who is perverse in his speech 293  and is a fool. 294 

19:2 It is dangerous 295  to have zeal 296  without knowledge,

and the one who acts hastily 297  makes poor choices. 298 

19:3 A person’s folly 299  subverts 300  his way,

and 301  his heart rages 302  against the Lord.

19:4 Wealth adds many friends,

but a poor person is separated 303  from his friend. 304 

19:5 A false witness 305  will not go unpunished,

and the one who spouts out 306  lies will not escape punishment. 307 

19:6 Many people entreat the favor 308  of a generous person, 309 

and everyone is the friend 310  of the person who gives gifts. 311 

19:7 All the relatives 312  of a poor person hate him; 313 

how much more do his friends avoid him –

he pursues them 314  with words, but they do not respond. 315 

19:8 The one who acquires wisdom 316  loves himself; 317 

the one who preserves understanding will prosper. 318 

19:9 A false witness will not go unpunished,

and the one who spouts out 319  lies will perish. 320 

19:10 Luxury is not appropriate 321  for a fool; 322 

how much less for a servant to rule over princes! 323 

19:11 A person’s wisdom 324  makes him slow to anger, 325 

and it is his glory 326  to overlook 327  an offense.

19:12 A king’s wrath is like 328  the roar of a lion, 329 

but his favor is like dew on the grass. 330 

19:13 A foolish child 331  is the ruin of his father,

and a contentious wife 332  is like 333  a constant dripping. 334 

19:14 A house and wealth are inherited from parents, 335 

but a prudent wife 336  is from the Lord.

19:15 Laziness brings on 337  a deep sleep, 338 

and the idle person 339  will go hungry. 340 

19:16 The one who obeys commandments guards 341  his life;

the one who despises his ways 342  will die. 343 

19:17 The one who is gracious 344  to the poor lends 345  to the Lord,

and the Lord 346  will repay him 347  for his good deed. 348 

19:18 Discipline your child, for 349  there is hope,

but do not set your heart 350  on causing his death. 351 

19:19 A person with great anger bears the penalty, 352 

but if you deliver him from it once, you will have to do it again. 353 

19:20 Listen to advice 354  and receive discipline,

that 355  you may become wise 356  by the end of your life. 357 

19:21 There are many plans 358  in a person’s mind, 359 

but it 360  is the counsel 361  of the Lord which will stand.

19:22 What is desirable 362  for a person is to show loyal love, 363 

and a poor person is better than a liar. 364 

19:23 Fearing the Lord 365  leads 366  to life, 367 

and one who does so will live 368  satisfied; he will not be afflicted 369  by calamity.

19:24 The sluggard plunges 370  his hand in the dish,

and he will not even bring it back to his mouth! 371 

19:25 Flog 372  a scorner, and as a result the simpleton 373  will learn prudence; 374 

correct a discerning person, and as a result he will understand knowledge. 375 

19:26 The one who robs 376  his father 377  and chases away his mother

is a son 378  who brings shame and disgrace.

19:27 If you stop listening to 379  instruction, my child,

you will stray 380  from the words of knowledge.

19:28 A crooked witness 381  scorns justice,

and the mouth of the wicked devours 382  iniquity.

19:29 Judgments 383  are prepared for scorners,

and floggings for the backs of fools.

20:1 Wine 384  is a mocker 385  and strong drink is a brawler;

whoever goes astray by them is not wise. 386 

20:2 The king’s terrifying anger 387  is like the roar of a lion;

whoever provokes him 388  sins against himself. 389 

20:3 It is an honor for a person 390  to cease 391  from strife,

but every fool quarrels. 392 

20:4 The sluggard will not plow 393  during the planting season, 394 

so at harvest time he looks 395  for the crop 396  but has nothing.

20:5 Counsel 397  in a person’s heart 398  is like 399  deep water, 400 

but an understanding person 401  draws it out.

20:6 Many people profess their loyalty, 402 

but a faithful person 403 who can find? 404 

20:7 The righteous person 405  behaves in integrity; 406 

blessed are his children after him. 407 

20:8 A king sitting on the throne to judge 408 

separates out 409  all evil with his eyes. 410 

20:9 Who can say, 411 I have kept my heart clean; 412 

I am pure 413  from my sin?

20:10 Diverse weights and diverse measures 414 

the Lord abhors 415  both of them.

20:11 Even a young man 416  is known 417  by his actions,

whether his activity is pure and whether it is right. 418 

20:12 The ear that hears and the eye that sees 419 

the Lord has made them both. 420 

20:13 Do not love sleep, 421  lest you become impoverished;

open your eyes so that 422  you might be satisfied with food. 423 

20:14It’s worthless! It’s worthless!” 424  says the buyer, 425 

but when he goes on his way, he boasts. 426 

20:15 There is gold, and an abundance of rubies,

but 427  words of knowledge 428  are like 429  a precious jewel.

20:16 Take a man’s 430  garment 431  when he has given security for a stranger, 432 

and when he gives surety for strangers, 433  hold him 434  in pledge.

20:17 Bread gained by deceit 435  tastes sweet to a person, 436 

but afterward his mouth will be filled with gravel. 437 

20:18 Plans 438  are established by counsel,

so 439  make war 440  with guidance.

20:19 The one who goes about gossiping 441  reveals secrets;

therefore do not associate 442  with someone who is always opening his mouth. 443 

20:20 The one who curses 444  his father and his mother,

his lamp 445  will be extinguished in the blackest 446  darkness.

20:21 An inheritance gained easily 447  in the beginning

will not be blessed 448  in the end. 449 

20:22 Do not say, 450 I will pay back 451  evil!”

Wait 452  for the Lord, so that he may vindicate you. 453 

20:23 The Lord abhors 454  differing weights,

and dishonest scales are wicked. 455 

20:24 The steps of a person 456  are ordained by 457  the Lord

so how can anyone 458  understand his own 459  way?

20:25 It is a snare 460  for a person 461  to rashly cry, 462  “Holy!”

and only afterward to consider 463  what he has vowed. 464 

20:26 A wise king separates out 465  the wicked;

he turns the threshing wheel over them. 466 

20:27 The human spirit 467  is like 468  the lamp 469  of the Lord,

searching all his innermost parts. 470 

20:28 Loyal love and truth 471  preserve a king,

and his throne is upheld by loyal love. 472 

20:29 The glory 473  of young men is their strength,

and the splendor 474  of old men is gray hair. 475 

20:30 Beatings and wounds cleanse away 476  evil,

and floggings cleanse 477  the innermost being. 478 

21:1 The king’s heart 479  is in the hand 480  of the Lord like channels of water; 481 

he turns it wherever he wants.

21:2 All of a person’s ways seem right in his own opinion, 482 

but the Lord evaluates 483  the motives. 484 

21:3 To do righteousness and justice

is more acceptable 485  to the Lord than sacrifice. 486 

21:4 Haughty eyes and a proud heart

the agricultural product 487  of the wicked is sin.

21:5 The plans of the diligent 488  lead 489  only to plenty, 490 

but everyone who is hasty comes only to poverty. 491 

21:6 Making a fortune 492  by a lying tongue is like 493  a vapor driven back and forth; 494 

they seek death. 495 

21:7 The violence 496  done by the wicked 497  will drag them away

because 498  they refuse to do what is right. 499 

21:8 The way of the guilty person 500  is devious, 501 

but as for the pure, 502  his way is upright.

21:9 It is better to live on a corner of the housetop 503 

than in a house in company 504  with a quarrelsome wife. 505 

21:10 The appetite 506  of the wicked desires 507  evil;

his neighbor is shown no favor 508  in his eyes.

21:11 When a scorner is punished, the naive 509  becomes wise;

when a wise person is instructed, 510  he gains knowledge.

21:12 The Righteous One 511  considers 512  the house 513  of the wicked;

he overthrows the wicked to their ruin. 514 

21:13 The one who shuts his ears 515  to the cry 516  of the poor,

he too will cry out and will not be answered. 517 

21:14 A gift given 518  in secret subdues 519  anger,

and a bribe given secretly 520  subdues 521  strong wrath. 522 

21:15 Doing 523  justice brings 524  joy to the righteous

and terror 525  to those who do evil.

21:16 The one who wanders 526  from the way of wisdom 527 

will end up 528  in the company of the departed. 529 

21:17 The one who loves 530  pleasure 531  will be 532  a poor person; 533 

whoever loves wine and anointing oil 534  will not be rich.

21:18 The wicked become 535  a ransom 536  for the righteous,

and the faithless 537  are taken 538  in the place of the upright.

21:19 It is better to live 539  in a desert land 540 

than with a quarrelsome and easily-provoked 541  woman.

21:20 There is desirable treasure and olive oil 542  in the dwelling of the wise,

but a foolish person 543  devours all he has. 544 

21:21 The one who pursues righteousness and love 545 

finds life, bounty, 546  and honor.

21:22 The wise person 547  can scale 548  the city of the mighty

and bring down the stronghold 549  in which they trust. 550 

21:23 The one who guards his mouth and his tongue 551 

keeps his life 552  from troubles. 553 

21:24 A proud 554  and arrogant 555  person, whose name is “Scoffer,” 556 

acts 557  with overbearing pride. 558 

21:25 What the sluggard desires 559  will kill him, 560 

for his hands 561  refuse to work.

21:26 All day long he craves greedily, 562 

but the righteous gives and does not hold back. 563 

21:27 The wicked person’s sacrifice 564  is an abomination;

how much more 565  when he brings it with evil intent! 566 

21:28 A lying witness 567  will perish, 568 

but the one who reports accurately speaks forever. 569 

21:29 A wicked person 570  shows boldness with his face, 571 

but as for the upright, 572  he discerns 573  his ways.

21:30 There is no wisdom and there is no understanding,

and there is no counsel against 574  the Lord. 575 

21:31 A horse is prepared for the day of battle,

but the victory is from the Lord. 576 

22:1 A good name 577  is to be chosen 578  rather than great wealth,

good favor 579  more than silver or gold.

22:2 The rich and the poor meet together; 580 

the Lord is the creator of them both. 581 

22:3 A shrewd person 582  sees danger 583  and hides himself,

but the naive keep right on going 584  and suffer for it. 585 

22:4 The reward 586  for humility 587  and fearing the Lord 588 

is riches and honor and life.

22:5 Thorns and snares 589  are in the path of the perverse,

but the one who guards himself keeps far from them.

22:6 Train 590  a child 591  in the way that he should go, 592 

and when he is old he will not turn from it. 593 

22:7 The rich rule over 594  the poor,

and the borrower is servant 595  to the lender.

22:8 The one who sows 596  iniquity will reap trouble,

and the rod of his fury 597  will end.

22:9 A generous person 598  will be blessed, 599 

for he gives some of his food 600  to the poor.

22:10 Drive out the scorner 601  and contention will leave;

strife and insults will cease. 602 

22:11 The one who loves a pure heart 603 

and whose speech is gracious 604 the king will be his friend. 605 

22:12 The eyes of the Lord 606  guard knowledge, 607 

but he overthrows the words of the faithless person. 608 

22:13 The sluggard says, “There is a lion 609  outside!

I will be killed in the middle of the streets! 610 

22:14 The mouth 611  of an adulteress is like 612  a deep pit; 613 

the one against whom the Lord is angry 614  will fall into it. 615 

22:15 Folly is bound up 616  in the heart of a child, 617 

but the rod of discipline 618  will drive it far from him.

22:16 The one who oppresses the poor to increase his own gain

and the one who gives to the rich 619 both end up only in poverty.

The Sayings of the Wise 620 

22:17 Incline your ear 621  and listen to the words of the wise,

and apply your heart to my instruction. 622 

22:18 For it is pleasing if 623  you keep these sayings 624  within you,

and 625  they are ready on your lips. 626 

22:19 So that 627  your confidence may be in the Lord,

I am making them known to you today 628 even you.

22:20 Have I not written thirty sayings 629  for you,

sayings 630  of counsel and knowledge,

22:21 to show you true and reliable words, 631 

so that you may give accurate answers 632  to those who sent you?

22:22 Do not exploit 633  a poor person because he is poor

and do not crush the needy in court, 634 

22:23 for the Lord will plead their case 635 

and will rob those who are robbing 636  them.

22:24 Do not make friends with an angry person, 637 

and do not associate with a wrathful person,

22:25 lest you learn 638  his ways

and entangle yourself in a snare. 639 

22:26 Do not be one who strikes hands in pledge

or who puts up security for debts.

22:27 If you do not have enough to pay,

your bed 640  will be taken 641  right out from under you! 642 

22:28 Do not move an ancient boundary stone 643 

which was put in place by your ancestors. 644 

22:29 Do you see a person skilled 645  in his work?

He will take his position before kings;

he will not take his position 646  before obscure people. 647 

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