Bible: Pr 8:23-31

8:23 From eternity I was appointed, 1 

from the beginning, from before the world existed. 2 

8:24 When there were no deep oceans 3  I was born, 4 

when there were no springs overflowing 5  with water;

8:25 before the mountains were set in place –

before the hills – I was born,

8:26 before he made the earth and its fields, 6 

or the beginning 7  of the dust of the world.

8:27 When he established the heavens, I was there;

when he marked out the horizon 8  over the face of the deep,

8:28 when he established the clouds above,

when the fountains of the deep grew strong, 9 

8:29 when he gave the sea his decree

that the waters should not pass over his command, 10 

when he marked out the foundations of the earth,

8:30 then I was 11  beside him as a master craftsman, 12 

and I was his delight 13  day by day,

rejoicing before him at all times,

8:31 rejoicing in the habitable part of his earth, 14 

and delighting 15  in its people. 16 

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