Bible: Philemon 1:8-20

Paul’s Request for Onesimus

1:8 So, although I have quite a lot of confidence in Christ and could command you to do what is proper, 1:9 I would rather appeal 1  to you on the basis of love – I, Paul, an old man 2  and even now a prisoner for the sake of Christ Jesus 3  1:10 I am appealing 4  to you concerning my child, whose spiritual father I have become 5  during my imprisonment, 6  that is, Onesimus, 1:11 who was formerly useless to you, but is now useful to you 7  and me. 1:12 I have sent 8  him (who is my very heart) 9  back to you. 1:13 I wanted to keep him so that he could serve me in your place 10  during 11  my imprisonment for the sake of the gospel. 12  1:14 However, 13  without your consent I did not want to do anything, so that your good deed would not be out of compulsion, but from your own willingness. 1:15 For perhaps it was for this reason that he was separated from you for a little while, so that you would have him back eternally, 14  1:16 no longer as a slave, 15  but more than a slave, as a dear brother. He is especially so to me, and even more so to you now, both humanly speaking 16  and in the Lord. 1:17 Therefore if you regard me as a partner, accept him as you would me. 1:18 Now if he has defrauded you of anything or owes you anything, charge what he owes 17  to me. 1:19 I, Paul, have written 18  this letter 19  with my own hand: 20  I will repay it. I could also mention that you owe 21  me your very self. 1:20 Yes, brother, let me have some benefit from you in the Lord. Refresh my heart in Christ. 22 

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