Bible: Obadiah 1:8-15

1:8 At that time,” 1  the Lord says,

I will destroy the wise sages of Edom! 2 

the advisers 3  from Esau’s mountain! 4 

1:9 Your warriors will be shattered, O Teman, 5 

so that 6  everyone 7  will be destroyed 8  from Esau’s mountain!

Edom’s Treachery Against Judah

1:10Because 9  you violently slaughtered 10  your relatives, 11  the people of Jacob, 12 

shame will cover you, and you will be destroyed 13  forever.

1:11 You stood aloof 14  while strangers took his army 15  captive,

and foreigners advanced to his gates. 16 

When they cast lots 17  over Jerusalem, 18 

you behaved as though you were in league 19  with them.

1:12 You should not 20  have gloated 21  when your relatives 22  suffered calamity. 23 

You should not have rejoiced over the people of Judah when they were destroyed. 24 

You should not have boasted 25  when they suffered adversity. 26 

1:13 You should not have entered the city 27  of my people when they experienced distress. 28 

You should not have joined 29  in gloating over their misfortune when they suffered distress. 30 

You should not have looted 31  their wealth when they endured distress. 32 

1:14 You should not have stood at the fork in the road 33  to slaughter 34  those trying to escape. 35 

You should not have captured their refugees when they suffered adversity. 36 

The Coming Day of the Lord

1:15For the day of the Lord 37  is approaching 38  for all the nations! 39 

Just as you have done, so it will be done to you.

You will get exactly what your deeds deserve. 40 

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