Bible: Num 9:6-14

9:6 It happened that some men 1  who were ceremonially defiled 2  by the dead body of a man 3  could not keep 4  the Passover on that day, so they came before Moses and before Aaron on that day. 9:7 And those men said to him, “We are ceremonially defiled by the dead body of a man; why are we kept back from offering the Lord’s offering at its appointed time among the Israelites? 9:8 So Moses said to them, “Remain 5  here and I will hear 6  what the Lord will command concerning you.”

9:9 The Lord spoke to Moses: 9:10 Tell the Israelites, ‘If any 7  of you or of your posterity become ceremonially defiled by touching a dead body, or are on a journey far away, then he may 8  observe the Passover to the Lord. 9:11 They may observe it on the fourteenth day of the second month 9  at twilight; they are to eat it with bread made without yeast and with bitter herbs. 9:12 They must not leave any of it until morning, nor break any of its bones; they must observe it in accordance with every statute of the Passover.

9:13 But 10  the man who is ceremonially clean, and was not on a journey, and fails 11  to keep the Passover, that person must be cut off from his people. 12  Because he did not bring the Lord’s offering at its appointed time, that man must bear his sin. 13  9:14 If a resident foreigner lives 14  among you and wants to keep 15  the Passover to the Lord, he must do so according to the statute of the Passover, and according to its custom. You must have 16  the same 17  statute for the resident foreigner 18  and for the one who was born in the land.’

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