Bible: Num 8:14-19

8:14 And so 1  you are to separate the Levites from among the Israelites, and the Levites will be mine.

8:15After this, the Levites will go in 2  to do the work 3  of the tent of meeting. So you must cleanse them 4  and offer them like a wave offering. 5  8:16 For they are entirely given 6  to me from among the Israelites. I have taken them for myself instead of 7  all who open the womb, the firstborn sons of all the Israelites. 8:17 For all the firstborn males among the Israelites are mine, both humans and animals; when I destroyed 8  all the firstborn in the land of Egypt I set them apart for myself. 8:18 So I have taken the Levites instead of all the firstborn sons among the Israelites. 8:19 I have given the Levites as a gift to Aaron and his sons from among the Israelites, to do the work for the Israelites in the tent of meeting, and to make atonement for the Israelites, so there will be no plague among the Israelites when the Israelites come near the sanctuary.” 9 

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