Bible: Num 24:15-19

Balaam Prophesies a Fourth Time

24:15 Then he uttered this oracle: 1 

“The oracle of Balaam son of Beor;

the oracle of the man whose eyes are open;

24:16 the oracle of the one who hears the words of God,

and who knows the knowledge of the Most High,

who sees a vision from the Almighty,

although falling flat on the ground with eyes open:

24:17I see him, but not now;

I behold him, but not close at hand. 2 

A star 3  will march forth 4  out of Jacob,

and a scepter 5  will rise out of Israel.

He will crush the skulls 6  of Moab,

and the heads 7  of all the sons of Sheth. 8 

24:18 Edom will be a possession,

Seir, 9  his enemies, will also be a possession;

but Israel will act valiantly.

24:19 A ruler will be established from Jacob;

he will destroy the remains of the city.’ 10 

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