Bible: Num 14:26-35

14:26 The Lord spoke to Moses and Aaron: 14:27 How long must I bear 1  with this evil congregation 2  that murmurs against me? I have heard the complaints of the Israelites that they murmured against me. 14:28 Say to them, ‘As I live, 3  says 4  the Lord, I will surely do to you just what you have spoken in my hearing. 5  14:29 Your dead bodies 6  will fall in this wilderness – all those of you who were numbered, according to your full number, from twenty years old and upward, who have murmured against me. 14:30 You will by no means enter into the land where 7  I swore 8  to settle 9  you. The only exceptions are Caleb son of Jephunneh and Joshua son of Nun. 14:31 But I will bring in your little ones, whom you said would become victims of war, 10  and they will enjoy 11  the land that you have despised. 14:32 But as for you, your dead bodies will fall in this wilderness, 14:33 and your children will wander 12  in the wilderness forty years and suffer for your unfaithfulness, 13  until your dead bodies lie finished 14  in the wilderness. 14:34 According to the number of the days you have investigated this land, forty days – one day for a year – you will suffer for 15  your iniquities, forty years, and you will know what it means to thwart me. 16  14:35 I, the Lord, have said, “I will surely do so to all this evil congregation that has gathered together against me. In this wilderness they will be finished, and there they will die!”’

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