Bible: Nahum 1:2-8

God Takes Vengeance against His Enemies

1:2 The Lord is a zealous 1  and avenging 2  God;

the Lord is avenging and very angry. 3 

The Lord takes vengeance 4  against his foes;

he sustains his rage 5  against his enemies.

1:3 The Lord is slow to anger 6  but great in power; 7 

the Lord will certainly not 8  allow the wicked 9  to go unpunished.

The Divine Warrior Destroys His Enemies but Protects His People

He marches out 10  in the whirlwind and the raging storm;

dark storm clouds billow like dust 11  under his feet. 12 

1:4 He shouts a battle cry 13  against the sea 14  and makes it dry up; 15 

he makes all the rivers 16  run dry.

Bashan and Carmel wither; 17 

the blossom of Lebanon withers.

1:5 The mountains tremble before him, 18 

the hills convulse; 19 

the earth is laid waste 20  before him,

the world and all its inhabitants 21  are laid waste. 22 

1:6 No one can withstand 23  his indignation! 24 

No one can resist 25  his fierce anger! 26 

His wrath is poured out like volcanic fire,

boulders are broken up 27  as he approaches. 28 

1:7 The Lord is good 29 

indeed, 30  he is a fortress 31  in time of distress, 32 

and he protects 33  those who seek refuge 34  in him.

1:8 But with an overwhelming flood 35 

he will make a complete end of Nineveh; 36 

he will drive 37  his enemies into darkness.

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