Bible: Nah 2:11-13

Taunt against the Once-Mighty Lion

2:11 Where now is the den of the lions, 1 

the feeding place 2  of the young lions,

where 3  the lion, lioness, 4  and lion cub once prowled 5 

and no one disturbed them? 6 

2:12 The lion tore apart as much prey as his cubs needed 7 

and strangled prey to provide food 8  for his lionesses;

he filled 9  his lairs with prey

and his dens with torn flesh.

Battle Cry of the Divine Warrior

2:13I am against you!” declares 10  the Lord who commands armies: 11 

“I will burn your chariots 12  with fire; 13 

the sword will devour your young lions; 14 

you will no longer prey upon the land; 15 

the voices of your messengers 16  will no longer be heard.”

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