Bible: Nah 1:11-15

1:11 From you, O Nineveh, 1  one has marched forth who plots evil against the Lord,

a wicked military strategist. 2 

Oracle of Deliverance to Judah

1:12 This is what the Lord says: 3 

“Even though 4  they are powerful 5 

and what is more, 6  even though their army is numerous 7 

nevertheless, 8  they will be destroyed 9  and trickle away! 10 

Although I afflicted you,

I will afflict you no more. 11 

1:13 And now, 12  I will break Assyria’s 13  yoke bar 14  from your neck; 15 

I will tear apart the shackles 16  that are on you.” 17 

Oracle of Judgment against the King of Nineveh

1:14 The Lord has issued a decree against you: 18 

“Your dynasty will come to an end. 19 

I will destroy the idols and images in the temples of your gods.

I will desecrate 20  your grave – because you are accursed! 21 

Proclamation of the Deliverance of Judah

1:15 22  Look! A herald is running 23  on the mountains!

A messenger is proclaiming deliverance: 24 

“Celebrate your sacred festivals, O Judah!

Fulfill your sacred vows to praise God! 25 

For never again 26  will the wicked 27  Assyrians 28  invade 29  you,

they 30  have been completely destroyed.” 31 

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