Bible: Micah 5:2-5

A King Will Come and a Remnant Will Prosper

5:2 As for you, Bethlehem Ephrathah, 1 

seemingly insignificant 2  among the clans of Judah

from you a king will emerge who will rule over Israel on my behalf, 3 

one whose origins 4  are in the distant past. 5 

5:3 So the Lord 6  will hand the people of Israel 7  over to their enemies 8 

until the time when the woman in labor 9  gives birth. 10 

Then the rest of the king’s 11  countrymen will return

to be reunited with the people of Israel. 12 

5:4 He will assume his post 13  and shepherd the people 14  by the Lord’s strength,

by the sovereign authority of the Lord his God. 15 

They will live securely, 16  for at that time he will be honored 17 

even in the distant regions of 18  the earth.

5:5 He will give us peace. 19 

Should the Assyrians try to invade our land

and attempt to set foot in our fortresses, 20 

we will send 21  against them seven 22  shepherd-rulers, 23 

make that eight commanders. 24 

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