Bible: Micah 3:8-12

3:8 But I 1  am full of the courage that the Lord’s Spirit gives,

and have a strong commitment to justice. 2 

This enables me to confront Jacob with its rebellion,

and Israel with its sin. 3 

3:9 Listen to this, you leaders of the family 4  of Jacob,

you rulers of the nation 5  of Israel!

You 6  hate justice

and pervert all that is right.

3:10 You 7  build Zion through bloody crimes, 8 

Jerusalem 9  through unjust violence.

3:11 Her 10  leaders take bribes when they decide legal cases, 11 

her priests proclaim rulings for profit,

and her prophets read omens for pay.

Yet they claim to trust 12  the Lord and say,

The Lord is among us. 13 

Disaster will not overtake 14  us!

3:12 Therefore, because of you, 15  Zion will be plowed up like 16  a field,

Jerusalem will become a heap of ruins,

and the Temple Mount 17  will become a hill overgrown with brush! 18 

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