Bible: Micah 1:2-5

The Judge is Coming

1:2 Listen, all you nations! 1 

Pay attention, all inhabitants of earth! 2 

The sovereign Lord will testify 3  against you;

the Lord will accuse you 4  from his majestic palace. 5 

1:3 Look, 6  the Lord is coming out of his dwelling place!

He will descend and march on the earth’s mountaintops! 7 

1:4 The mountains will disintegrate 8  beneath him,

and the valleys will be split in two. 9 

The mountains will melt 10  like wax in a fire,

the rocks will slide down like water cascading down a steep slope. 11 

1:5 All this is because of Jacob’s rebellion

and 12  the sins of the nation 13  of Israel.

How has Jacob rebelled, you ask? 14 

Samaria epitomizes their rebellion! 15 

Where are Judah’s pagan worship centers, you ask? 16 

They are right in Jerusalem! 17 

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