Bible: Micah 1:10-15

1:10 Don’t spread the news in Gath! 1 

Don’t shed even a single tear! 2 

In Beth Leaphrah sit in the dust! 3 

1:11 Residents 4  of Shaphir, 5  pass by in nakedness and humiliation! 6 

The residents of Zaanan can’t leave their city. 7 

Beth Ezel 8  mourns, 9 

“He takes from you what he desires.” 10 

1:12 Indeed, the residents of Maroth 11  hope for something good to happen, 12 

though the Lord has sent disaster against the city of Jerusalem. 13 

1:13 Residents of Lachish, 14  hitch the horses to the chariots!

You 15  influenced Daughter Zion 16  to sin, 17 

for Israel’s rebellious deeds can be traced back 18  to you!

1:14 Therefore you 19  will have to say farewell 20  to Moresheth Gath.

The residents 21  of Achzib 22  will be as disappointing

as a dried up well 23  to the kings of Israel. 24 

1:15 Residents of Mareshah, 25  a conqueror will attack you, 26 

the leaders of Israel shall flee to Adullam. 27 

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