Bible: Mic 2:1-5

Land Robbers Will Lose their Land

2:1 Those who devise sinful plans are as good as dead, 1 

those who dream about doing evil as they lie in bed. 2 

As soon as morning dawns they carry out their plans, 3 

because they have the power to do so.

2:2 They confiscate the fields they desire,

and seize the houses they want. 4 

They defraud people of their homes, 5 

and deprive people of the land they have inherited. 6 

2:3 Therefore the Lord says this: “Look, I am devising disaster for this nation! 7 

It will be like a yoke from which you cannot free your neck. 8 

You will no longer 9  walk proudly,

for it will be a time of catastrophe.

2:4 In that day people will sing this taunt song to you –

they will mock you with this lament: 10 

‘We are completely destroyed;

they sell off 11  the property of my people.

How they remove it from me! 12 

They assign our fields to the conqueror.’ 13 

2:5 Therefore no one will assign you land in the Lord’s community. 14 

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