Bible: Matthew 17:24-27

The Temple Tax

17:24 After 1  they arrived in Capernaum, 2  the collectors of the temple tax 3  came to Peter and said, “Your teacher pays the double drachma tax, doesn’t he? 17:25 He said, “Yes.” When Peter came into the house, Jesus spoke to him first, 4  “What do you think, Simon? From whom do earthly kings collect tolls or taxes – from their sons 5  or from foreigners? 17:26 After he said, “From foreigners,” Jesus said to him, “Then the sons 6  are free. 17:27 But so that we don’t offend them, go to the lake and throw out a hook. Take the first fish that comes up, and when you open its mouth, you will find a four drachma coin. 7  Take that and give it to them for me and you.”

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