Bible: Mark 6:52-8:33

6:52 because they did not understand about the loaves, but their hearts were hardened.

Healing the Sick

6:53 After they had crossed over, they came to land at Gennesaret 1  and anchored there. 6:54 As they got out of the boat, people immediately recognized Jesus. 2  6:55 They ran through that whole region and began to bring the sick on mats to wherever he was rumored to be. 3  6:56 And wherever he would go – into villages, towns, or countryside – they would place the sick in the marketplaces, and would ask him if 4  they could just touch the edge of his cloak, and all who touched it were healed.

Breaking Human Traditions

7:1 Now 5  the Pharisees 6  and some of the experts in the law 7  who came from Jerusalem 8  gathered around him. 7:2 And they saw that some of Jesusdisciples ate their bread with unclean hands, that is, unwashed. 7:3 (For the Pharisees and all the Jews do not eat unless they perform a ritual washing, 9  holding fast to the tradition of the elders. 7:4 And when they come from the marketplace, they do not eat unless they wash. They hold fast to many other traditions: the washing of cups, pots, kettles, and dining couches. 10 ) 11  7:5 The Pharisees and the experts in the law asked him, “Why do your disciples not live according to the tradition of the elders, but eat 12  with unwashed hands? 7:6 He said to them, “Isaiah prophesied correctly about you hypocrites, as it is written:

This people honors me with their lips,

but their heart 13  is far from me.

7:7 They worship me in vain,

teaching as doctrine the commandments of men.’ 14 

7:8 Having no regard 15  for the command of God, you hold fast to human tradition.” 16  7:9 He also said to them, “You neatly reject the commandment of God in order to set up 17  your tradition. 7:10 For Moses said, ‘Honor your father and your mother,’ 18  and, ‘Whoever insults his father or mother must be put to death.’ 19  7:11 But you say that if anyone tells his father or mother, ‘Whatever help you would have received from me is corban 20  (that is, a gift for God), 7:12 then you no longer permit him to do anything for his father or mother. 7:13 Thus you nullify 21  the word of God by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like this.”

7:14 Then 22  he called the crowd again and said to them, “Listen to me, everyone, and understand. 7:15 There is nothing outside of a person that can defile him by going into him. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles him.”

7:16 [[EMPTY]] 23 

7:17 Now 24  when Jesus 25  had left the crowd and entered the house, his disciples asked him about the parable. 7:18 He said to them, “Are you so foolish? Don’t you understand that whatever goes into a person from outside cannot defile him? 7:19 For it does not enter his heart but his stomach, and then goes out into the sewer.” 26  (This means all foods are clean.) 27  7:20 He said, “What comes out of a person defiles him. 7:21 For from within, out of the human heart, come evil ideas, sexual immorality, theft, murder, 7:22 adultery, greed, evil, deceit, debauchery, envy, slander, pride, and folly. 7:23 All these evils come from within and defile a person.”

A Syrophoenician Woman’s Faith

7:24 After Jesus 28  left there, he went to the region of Tyre. 29  When he went into a house, he did not want anyone to know, but 30  he was not able to escape notice. 7:25 Instead, a woman whose young daughter had an unclean spirit 31  immediately heard about him and came and fell at his feet. 7:26 The woman was a Greek, of Syrophoenician origin. She 32  asked him to cast the demon out of her daughter. 7:27 He said to her, “Let the children be satisfied first, for it is not right to take the children’s bread and to throw it to the dogs.” 33  7:28 She answered, “Yes, Lord, but even the dogs under the table eat the children’s crumbs.” 7:29 Then 34  he said to her, “Because you said this, you may go. The demon has left your daughter.” 7:30 She went home and found the child lying on the bed, and the demon gone.

Healing a Deaf Mute

7:31 Then 35  Jesus 36  went out again from the region of Tyre 37  and came through Sidon 38  to the Sea of Galilee in the region of the Decapolis. 39  7:32 They brought to him a deaf man who had difficulty speaking, and they asked him to place his hands on him. 7:33 After Jesus 40  took him aside privately, away from the crowd, he put his fingers in the man’s 41  ears, and after spitting, he touched his tongue. 42  7:34 Then 43  he looked up to heaven and said with a sigh, “Ephphatha(that is, “Be opened). 44  7:35 And immediately the man’s 45  ears were opened, his tongue loosened, and he spoke plainly. 7:36 Jesus ordered them not to tell anything. But as much as he ordered them not to do this, they proclaimed it all the more. 46  7:37 People were completely astounded and said, “He has done everything well. He even makes the deaf hear and the mute speak.”

The Feeding of the Four Thousand

8:1 In those days there was another large crowd with nothing to eat. So 47  Jesus 48  called his disciples and said to them, 8:2 I have compassion on the crowd, because they have already been here with me three days, and they have nothing to eat. 8:3 If I send them home hungry, they will faint on the way, and some of them have come from a great distance.” 8:4 His disciples answered him, “Where can someone get enough bread in this desolate place to satisfy these people? 8:5 He asked them, “How many loaves do you have?” They replied, “Seven.” 8:6 Then 49  he directed the crowd to sit down on the ground. After he took the seven loaves and gave thanks, he broke them and began giving them to the disciples to serve. So 50  they served the crowd. 8:7 They also had a few small fish. After giving thanks for these, he told them to serve these as well. 8:8 Everyone 51  ate and was satisfied, and they picked up the broken pieces left over, seven baskets full. 8:9 There were about four thousand 52  who ate. 53  Then he dismissed them. 54  8:10 Immediately he got into a boat with his disciples and went to the district of Dalmanutha. 55 

The Demand for a Sign

8:11 Then the Pharisees 56  came and began to argue with Jesus, asking for 57  a sign from heaven 58  to test him. 8:12 Sighing deeply in his spirit he said, “Why does this generation look for a sign? I tell you the truth, 59  no sign will be given to this generation.” 8:13 Then 60  he left them, got back into the boat, and went to the other side.

The Yeast of the Pharisees and Herod

8:14 Now 61  they had forgotten to take bread, except for one loaf they had with them in the boat. 8:15 And Jesus 62  ordered them, 63 Watch out! Beware of the yeast of the Pharisees 64  and the yeast of Herod! 8:16 So they began to discuss with one another about having no bread. 65  8:17 When he learned of this, 66  Jesus said to them, “Why are you arguing 67  about having no bread? Do you still not see or understand? Have your hearts been hardened? 8:18 Though you have eyes, don’t you see? And though you have ears, can’t you hear? 68  Don’t you remember? 8:19 When I broke the five loaves for the five thousand, how many baskets full of pieces did you pick up?” They replied, “Twelve.” 8:20 When I broke the seven loaves for the four thousand, how many baskets full of pieces did you pick up?” They replied, 69 Seven.” 8:21 Then 70  he said to them, “Do you still not understand? 71 

A Two-stage Healing

8:22 Then 72  they came to Bethsaida. They brought a blind man to Jesus 73  and asked him to touch him. 8:23 He took the blind man by the hand and brought him outside of the village. Then 74  he spit on his eyes, placed his hands on his eyes 75  and asked, “Do you see anything? 8:24 Regaining his sight 76  he said, “I see people, but they look like trees walking.” 8:25 Then Jesus 77  placed his hands on the man’s 78  eyes again. And he opened his eyes, 79  his sight was restored, and he saw everything clearly. 8:26 Jesus 80  sent him home, saying, “Do not even go into the village.” 81 

Peter’s Confession

8:27 Then Jesus and his disciples went to the villages of Caesarea Philippi. 82  On the way he asked his disciples, 83 Who do people say that I am? 8:28 They said, 84 John the Baptist, others say Elijah, 85  and still others, one of the prophets.” 8:29 He asked them, “But who do you say that I am?” Peter answered him, 86 You are the Christ.” 87  8:30 Then 88  he warned them not to tell anyone about him. 89 

First Prediction of Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

8:31 Then 90  Jesus 91  began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer 92  many things and be rejected by the elders, chief priests, and experts in the law, 93  and be killed, and after three days rise again. 8:32 He spoke openly about this. So 94  Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. 8:33 But after turning and looking at his disciples, he rebuked Peter and said, “Get behind me, Satan. You are not setting your mind on God’s interests, but on man’s.” 95 

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