Bible: Mark 5:35-43

5:35 While he was still speaking, people came from the synagogue ruler’s 1  house saying, “Your daughter has died. Why trouble the teacher any longer? 5:36 But Jesus, paying no attention to what was said, told the synagogue ruler, “Do not be afraid; just believe.” 5:37 He did not let anyone follow him except Peter, James, 2  and John, the brother of James. 5:38 They came to the house of the synagogue ruler where 3  he saw noisy confusion and people weeping and wailing loudly. 4  5:39 When he entered he said to them, “Why are you distressed and weeping? The child is not dead but asleep.” 5:40 And they began making fun of him. 5  But he put them all outside 6  and he took the child’s father and mother and his own companions 7  and went into the room where the child was. 8  5:41 Then, gently taking the child by the hand, he said to her, “Talitha koum,” which means, “Little girl, I say to you, get up.” 5:42 The girl got up at once and began to walk around (she was twelve years old). They were completely astonished at this. 9  5:43 He strictly ordered that no one should know about this, 10  and told them to give her something to eat.

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