Bible: Mal 1:1-5

Introduction and God’s Election of Israel

1:1 What follows is divine revelation. 1  The word of the Lord came to Israel through Malachi: 2 

1:2I have shown love to you,” says the Lord, but you say, “How have you shown love to us?”

Esau was Jacob’s brother,” the Lord explains, “yet I chose Jacob 1:3 and rejected Esau. 3  I turned Esau’s 4  mountains into a deserted wasteland 5  and gave his territory 6  to the wild jackals.”

1:4 Edom 7  says, “Though we are devastated, we will once again build the ruined places.” So the Lord who rules over all 8  responds, “They indeed may build, but I will overthrow. They will be known as 9  the land of evil, the people with whom the Lord is permanently displeased. 1:5 Your eyes will see it, and then you will say, ‘May the Lord be magnified 10  even beyond the border of Israel!’

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