Bible: Luke 7:1-17

Healing the Centurion’s Slave

7:1 After Jesus 1  had finished teaching all this to the people, 2  he entered Capernaum. 3  7:2 A centurion 4  there 5  had a slave 6  who was highly regarded, 7  but who was sick and at the point of death. 7:3 When the centurion 8  heard 9  about Jesus, he sent some Jewish elders 10  to him, asking him to come 11  and heal his slave. 7:4 When 12  they came 13  to Jesus, they urged 14  him earnestly, 15 He is worthy 16  to have you do this for him, 7:5 because he loves our nation, 17  and even 18  built our synagogue.” 19  7:6 So 20  Jesus went with them. When 21  he was not far from the house, the centurion 22  sent friends to say to him, “Lord, do not trouble yourself, 23  for I am not worthy 24  to have you come under my roof. 7:7 That is why 25  I did not presume 26  to come to you. Instead, say the word, and my servant must be healed. 27  7:8 For I too am a man set under authority, with soldiers under me. 28  I say to this one, ‘Go,’ and he goes, 29  and to another, ‘Come,’ and he comes, and to my slave, ‘Do this,’ and he does it.” 30  7:9 When Jesus heard this, he was amazed 31  at him. He turned and said to the crowd that followed him, “I tell you, not even in Israel have I found such faith! 32  7:10 So 33  when those who had been sent returned to the house, they found the slave 34  well.

Raising a Widow’s Son

7:11 Soon 35  afterward 36  Jesus 37  went to a town 38  called Nain, and his disciples and a large crowd went with him. 7:12 As he approached the town gate, a man 39  who had died was being carried out, 40  the only son of his mother (who 41  was a widow 42 ), and a large crowd from the town 43  was with her. 7:13 When 44  the Lord saw her, he had compassion 45  for her and said to her, “Do not weep.” 46  7:14 Then 47  he came up 48  and touched 49  the bier, 50  and those who carried it stood still. He 51  said, “Young man, I say to you, get up! 7:15 So 52  the dead man 53  sat up and began to speak, and Jesus 54  gave him back 55  to his mother. 7:16 Fear 56  seized them all, and they began to glorify 57  God, saying, “A great prophet 58  has appeared 59  among us!” and “God has come to help 60  his people! 7:17 This 61  report 62  about Jesus 63  circulated 64  throughout 65  Judea and all the surrounding country.

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