Bible: Luke 5:18-26

5:18 Just then 1  some men showed up, carrying a paralyzed man 2  on a stretcher. 3  They 4  were trying to bring him in and place him before Jesus. 5  5:19 But 6  since they found 7  no way to carry him in because of the crowd, they went up on the roof 8  and let him down on the stretcher 9  through the roof tiles 10  right 11  in front of Jesus. 12  5:20 When 13  Jesus 14  saw their 15  faith he said, “Friend, 16  your sins are forgiven.” 17  5:21 Then 18  the experts in the law 19  and the Pharisees began to think 20  to themselves, 21  “Who is this man 22  who is uttering blasphemies? 23  Who can forgive sins but God alone? 5:22 When Jesus perceived 24  their hostile thoughts, 25  he said to them, 26 Why are you raising objections 27  within yourselves? 5:23 Which is easier, 28  to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Stand up and walk? 5:24 But so that you may know 29  that the Son of Man 30  has authority on earth to forgive sins– he said to the paralyzed man 31 “I tell you, stand up, take your stretcher 32  and go home.” 33  5:25 Immediately 34  he stood up before them, picked 35  up the stretcher 36  he had been lying on, and went home, glorifying 37  God. 5:26 Then 38  astonishment 39  seized them all, and they glorified 40  God. They were filled with awe, 41  saying, “We have seen incredible 42  things 43  today.” 44 

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