Bible: Leviticus 26:33-39

26:33 I will scatter you among the nations and unsheathe the sword 1  after you, so your land will become desolate and your cities will become a waste.

26:34‘Then the land will make up for 2  its Sabbaths all the days it lies desolate while you are in the land of your enemies; then the land will rest and make up its Sabbaths. 26:35 All the days of the desolation it will have the rest it did not have 3  on your Sabbaths when you lived on it.

26:36‘As for 4  the ones who remain among you, I will bring despair into their hearts in the lands of their enemies. The sound of a blowing leaf will pursue them, and they will flee as one who flees the sword and fall down even though there is no pursuer. 26:37 They will stumble over each other as those who flee before a sword, though 5  there is no pursuer, and there will be no one to take a stand 6  for you before your enemies. 26:38 You will perish among the nations; the land of your enemies will consume you.

Restoration through Confession and Repentance

26:39‘As for the ones who remain among you, they will rot away because of 7  their iniquity in the lands of your enemies, and they will also rot away because of their ancestors 8  iniquities which are with them.

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