Bible: Leviticus 25:8-17

Regulations for the Jubilee Year of Release

25:8‘You must count off 1  seven weeks of years, seven times seven years, 2  and the days of the seven weeks of years will amount to forty-nine years. 3  25:9 You must sound loud horn blasts 4 in the seventh month, on the tenth day of the month, on the Day of Atonement – you must sound the horn in your entire land. 25:10 So you must consecrate the fiftieth year, 5  and you must proclaim a release 6  in the land for all its inhabitants. That year will be your jubilee; 7  each one of you must return 8  to his property and each one of you must return to his clan. 25:11 That fiftieth year will be your jubilee; you must not sow the land, harvest its aftergrowth, or pick the grapes of its unpruned vines. 9  25:12 Because that year is a jubilee, it will be holy to you – you may eat its produce 10  from the field.

Release of Landed Property

25:13‘In this year of jubilee you must each return 11  to your property. 25:14 If you make a sale 12  to your fellow citizen 13  or buy 14  from your fellow citizen, no one is to wrong his brother. 15  25:15 You may buy it from your fellow citizen according to the number of years since 16  the last jubilee; he may sell it to you according to the years of produce that are left. 17  25:16 The more years there are, 18  the more you may make its purchase price, and the fewer years there are, 19  the less you must make its purchase price, because he is only selling to you a number of years of 20  produce. 25:17 No one is to oppress his fellow citizen, 21  but you must fear your God, because I am the Lord your God.

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